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Getting started with MyManagementLab

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1 Getting started with MyManagementLab

2 What is MyManagementLab?
Your flexible resource to focussed study

3 Why register for MyManagementLab?
Personalised study plan -identify which topics you know well, and mastering the topics you don’t. Improve understanding of key concepts and skills using a variety of practice multimedia activities Ensures you have mastered key learning objectives with a follow-up ‘post-test’ that– and gives you the confidence to move on to the next chapter

Before you register To register, you will need: A valid address Your Course ID (provided by your lecturer) The access code found packaged with your textbook (your access code will look something like this ) XLFGH-LKJHG-XXXXX-HKGKS-AKRJG

5 Registering for MyManagementLab
Go to and select the button under First Time users

6 Registering for MyManagementLab
On the Access Information page, you will be asked if your have a Pearson Education account. If so, click the Yes option. Enter the existing log in name and password If No, enter your desired log in name Enter and then re-type your password Enter your Access Code and select Next tip: use your address as your login name: it’s unique and easy to remember!

7 Registering for MyManagementLab
Type your address (carefully!) Select your Country, University name Select a Security question and enter your answer Click Next to submit your registration tip: If your University/school is not listed, scroll to the bottom of the drop-down list and select Other. Enter your school name in full.

8 A Confirmation and Summary page displays, indicating your registration is successful!
A copy of the information will also be sent to the you entered You are now ready to log into your course and enrol in your class. Select Login now or go direct to

9 Enrol in your class To enrol in your instructors class, select the button. Enter the Course ID provided by your instructor and submit and confirm.

10 Personalised Study Plan
Pre and Post tests – identify the topics you know well and now mastering the topics you don’t Your results allow MyManagementLab to identify specific areas you may wish to improve, and suggest study materials to help your understanding

11 Your personal study plan and chapter resources provide you with quizzes, links to audio and multimedia animations and eBook Study Material

12 Video Case Studies

13 Student Technical Support
What do I do if I have a problem? Go to Self–Help Knowledgebase: Extensive & searchable articles Ask a Question: Enter your question in a form to submit Online Chat: Chat live online (check support site for hours) Pearson specialist technical support will respond within 24hrs.  The Technical Support team is available on evenings and weekends. Check the support site for exact hours

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