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+ Who are we? What do we strive for? How do we achieve? Our Team WWW.10XEVENTS.COM.

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1 + Who are we? What do we strive for? How do we achieve? Our Team WWW.10XEVENTS.COM

2 + What do we strive for? Unique and ingenious content Detail oriented approach Unifying Experiences Creating Epiphany WWW.10XEVENTS.COM

3 + How do we achieve?  Best thing we had going for us was our Observation, especially our gift for pattern recognition, sharpened ours designing. Pattern recognition was first developed by noticing movement of stars and used to predict nature & weather.  Pattern recognition in Events involves identification of Location, Layout planning, conceptual designing, selecting different materials, arranging best team for different theme events, arranging music & entertainment, lightning, and professional team.  Where one side, Intelligence for us is recognizing patterns. Events, on the other side, involves studying the different types of events where wedding to reception, Sagan to Sangeet, bridal showers to birthday parties, theme parties to unusual concepts, corporate events to large scale events like conventions, festivals, concerts, ceremonies and then acquiring necessary permits, coordinating transportation and parking, event security, catering and emergency plans. So we plan out a proper research and strategy to achieve our event successfully. WWW.10XEVENTS.COM

4 Skills Talent Resources Process of Creation WWW.10XEVENTS.COM Skills Talent

5 + Talent for us is who implements the idea in the form it is expected to be. Choosing like minded people is our priority. We consider working with Talent, who knows the value of pattern recognition & hard work that goes to create Art. Level of quality is never to be compromised, and only be maintained, by chosen talent. Talent must know how his/her work is benefitting or effecting the final outcome & expected to be improved in their next opportunity. Open area for suggestions & opinions is offered to one good extent. WWW.10XEVENTS.COM

6 + Who are we? We are a company that offers ideation, creation & implementation of wedding decoration, Themed parties, corporate events, Music & Entertainment from pre to post. We believe in doing new designs and inspired ones which are new in trend and loved by people. We also personalize the ideas with clients to achieve his or her dream of wedding come true. WWW.10XEVENTS.COM

7 + Our Team Avijit Gangwani Designation: Founder & Concept designing Sakshi Gangwani Designation: Floral designer & Stylist Sakshi Gupta 3d designer and managing assistant Shahnawaz Execution Manager on Location WWW.10XEVENTS.COM Phone no.- +91-9896200003 Email id- Phone no.- +91-9896200003 Email id-


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