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EOC Survivor Season 6 Law. Question 1 What was the first written code of law? (The Code of Hammurabi)

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1 EOC Survivor Season 6 Law

2 Question 1 What was the first written code of law? (The Code of Hammurabi)

3 Question 2 What is common law based upon? (Precedents and earlier court decisions)

4 Question 3 Name 3 examples of felonies? (Murder, Arson, rape, Armed robbery, burglary, etc.)

5 Question 4 What is another name for a civil wrong? (A tort)

6 Question 5 What is the only crime defined in the Constitution? (Treason)

7 Question 6 Which amendment requires probable cause to get a search warrant? (Amendment 4)

8 Question 7 What does it mean to “plead the 5 th ”? (You have the right to remain silent and not answer questions.)

9 Question 9 What cases established that you have the right to an attorney if you cannot afford one? (Gideon v. Wainwright)

10 Question 10 What group determines if a person is charged with a crime? (A grand jury)

11 Question 11 What case established the reading of rights? (Miranda v. AZ)

12 Question 12 What is the purpose of bail? (Assumes you are innocent until proven guilty to help prepare for your case.)

13 Question 13 What case established the exclusionary rule? (Mapp v. OH)

14 Question 14 What is the role of the government in all criminal cases? (The prosecution)

15 Question 15 What amendment prevents cruel and unusual punishment? (The 8 th Amendment)

16 Question 16 Name 3 examples of misdemeanors. (Speeding, littering, loitering, simple assault, DWI, etc.)

17 Question 17 What amendment guarantees you a speedy, public trial? (The 6 th Amendment)

18 Question 18 Name 2 of the Ten Commandments? (Not steal, not kill, not covet, no adultery, etc.)

19 Question 19 What amendment guarantees a civil trial in matters over $20? (Amendment 7)

20 Question 20 In what 2 amendments would you find due process mentioned? (Amendments 5 & 14)

21 Question 21 Who brings a civil case to court? (The Plaintiff)

22 Question 22 What is the person charged with a crime called? (The defendant)

23 Question 23 What is the study of law & legal philosophy called? (Jurisprudence)

24 Question 24 What is an ex post facto law? (It makes an action illegal before the law was written.)

25 Question 25 What is a hung jury? (One that cannot reach a verdict)

26 Question 26 How many members are there usually on a criminal jury in NC? (12)

27 Question 27 Describe a criminal jury’s verdict. (Must unanimous beyond a reasonable doubt)

28 Question 28 What is an injunction? (A court order to stop an action)

29 Question 29 What are criminal cases about? (Laws being broken)

30 Question 30 What is discovery in a civil case? (An exchanging of information between the plaintiff and the defendant)

31 Question 31 Who is considered a juvenile in NC? (Those people between 7-15)

32 Question 32 Who makes criminal laws in NC? (The NC General Assembly)

33 Question 33 What NC court hears all misdemeanors in a bench trial? (NC District Courts)

34 Question 34 What is a person between 7-15 who commits a crime in NC called? (A juvenile delinquent)

35 Question 35 What NC court holds petit jury trials for all felonies and misdemeanor appeals? (NC Superior Courts)

36 Question 36 What are civil cases about? (Disputes)

37 Question 37 What amendment guarantees that defendants get to face & use witnesses? (The 6 th Amendment)

38 Question 38 What is the highest court in NC? (The NC Supreme Court)

39 Question 39 What is the purpose of the juvenile justice system? (To rehabilitate the offender)

40 Question 40 Name 1 thing that happens during an arraignment? (Charges are read, plea is entered, bail may be adjusted)

41 Question 41 What amendment guarantees no double jeopardy? (The 5 th Amendment)

42 Question 42 What court in NC hears only appeals? (NC Court of Appeals)

43 Question 43 Describe a civil jury’s verdict? (A majority vote based upon the weight of the evidence)

44 Question 44 What is an indictment? (A formal criminal charge)

45 Question 45 How do all judges in NC get their jobs? (They are elected)

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