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Four Types of Writing 1. Expository or Informational 2. Argumentative

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1 Four Types of Writing 1. Expository or Informational 2. Argumentative
3. Narrative 4. Descriptive

2 In order to determine what type prompt you have
In order to determine what type prompt you have. You should read your prompt at least “two” times. Expository/Informational Explanatory--explain, tell how Argumentative---persuade or convince Narrative-- tell about a time when, tell a story Descriptive--describes .

3 1. EXPOSITORY or Informational
Standards Plus Coordinating Activities pgs

4 What is an Expository or Informational essay? It …
…Gives facts. …Explains. …Gives steps in a process. …Presents ideas in logical order or correct sequence.

5 What are the key words that show it is an expository prompt?
Most people enjoy some type of music. Think about your favorite type of music and explain why you like that particular type of music. Sometimes even the best drivers can get lost at times. Explain how you would direct a lost man to get back to the interstate highway from your neighborhood. 3. Your turn: Tell how to make a hamburger in less than three sentences. Big idea: YOU WILL FIND THESE WORDS IN THE PROMPT EXPLAIN or TELL HOW.

6 2. Argumentative Standards Plus Coordinating Activities Pgs. 2-13

7 What is an argumentative essay?
You are asked to prove something. Give reasons why. Present arguments against your reasons. Show them to be false. Take a stand Ask or call for an action.

8 What are the key words that show it’s an argumentative prompt?
Persuade/Argue/Convince a close friend to donate blood as part of a blood drive that your school is sponsoring for the Red Cross. Some of your kid brothers friends have taken up smoking and want him to start too. Write a convincing letter to your kid brother to not take up this habit. Your turn: Write a note to your Principal telling why Lakeside should support cell phone use in the classroom. Please write 5 sentences. Big Idea: YOU WILL NOTICE THE WORDS PERSUADE, CONVINCE OR TELL WHY SOMEONE SHOULD DO SOMETHING.

9 3. Narrative Standards Plus Coordinating Activities Pgs

10 What is a narrative? Tells a story.
Has chronological order and sequence of events. Has action. Has conflicts or problems. Has dialogue. Has characters. Has a definite beginning, middle and end. What is a narrative? A narrative…

11 What are the key words that show that these are narrative prompts?
1. You and your friend find a big box that is labeled “Do Not Open.” Your friend wants to open the box. Write a story about what happens next. 2. Tell about a time when you made a serious mistake. 3. Your turn: You and your friend found a wallet on the sidewalk. Tell what happened next. Please write 3 sentences. Big Idea: NOTE THE WORDS: WRITE A STORY or TELL ABOUT A TIME, or TELL WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.

12 Now Let’s Look At Narrative
Tell about a time Write a story Chronological sequence of events Dialogue Action Problems, conflicts Beginning, Middle, End Do you think there is a love story here?

13 Use this type of web for a Narrative

14 4. Descriptive Essay

15 What is a descriptive essay?
Sensory images are used to describe what the writer sees, hears, smells, touches, and tastes. It paints a clear description of people, places, objects, or events.

16 How would you describe your best friend? Which words would use?

17 What are the key words that show it is a descriptive prompt?
Describe your bedroom. Imagine telling someone who has never visited you. There are many tourist spots to visit in Birmingham. Describe your favorite place to take visitors. You may want to tell what you will see, hear, smell and how you feel when you are there. 3. Your turn: In 3-5 sentences tell us what you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel on Christmas morning. Big idea: YOU MUST DESCRIBE OR TELL WHAT A PERSON CAN SEE, HEAR, SMELL, TASTE OR FEEL.

18 The End Any questions?

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