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VOYAGER REQUEST FORMS REVIEW. Login Blocks & Request Errors.

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2 Login Blocks & Request Errors

3 Patron Record Blocks  Borrower can’t login because of patron record issues  NET ID Login fails when UID is not in Institution ID field  Barcode Login fails when Institution ID field is blank  Barcode Login fails when last name in record does not match what is typed

4 Patron Blocks  Patrons can’t place requests because of borrowing blocks  Overdue recalls  Fines exceeding limit  Lost books

5 Request Errors  Request fails when patron selects a form that’s not applicable  Call Slip request attempted on item type that’s not eligible (DVD, reserve, ref book)  Attempt to recall a book that’s not checked out

6 Request Status Display in My Account

7 My Account Request Status  Recalled  In transit for hold  Copy level hold placed  Title level hold placed  Call slip processed (filled)  Call slip processed (in transit)  Call slip placed  Call slip not filled (missing)  Call slip not filled (non circulating)  Call slip cancelled by staff  Call slip cancelled by patron  Call slip on hold for pick up

8 Types of Forms

9 Blank Form  Ask a Question or Recommend a Purchase  Only form if not on bib record  Available to all patrons  We define the fields that display  Sent as email to Rhees Ref for triage

10 System Form  Two in use currently  Not Checked Out – Request It  Checked Out or Overdue? - Recall It  Processed automatically – no staff intervention  Circ matrix defines which patron groups can use these forms NOTE: Hold form not being used

11 Item Level Form  Used to request photocopies and course reserves  Item record must exist for form to work  Used when we need requester to supply additional information  Emailed to designated staff for processing

12 Bib Level Form  Three forms used  Request Any Item - Staff Assisted Catch-all that users are referred to if request form fails Emailed to RRLCircReq for processing or triage  Report Voyager Errors and Typos  Request Text from Microform

13 Testing Results and New Discoveries

14 Volume, date & year in call slip request form CurrentNew Option

15 9999 remaining requests CurrentNew Option

16 Expand selection box & change list order CurrentNew Option

17 Customize error messages CurrentNew Option

18 Customize “Comments” label & limit input to 100 characters CurrentNew Option

19 Remove Pick Up location where not applicable CurrentNew Option

20 What We Can’t Do  Get pick up location to show instead of just number in request emailed to staff  Pull in more patron info into email that staff receive, e.g. email address

21 Taking Action and Implementing Change

22 Next Steps  Write instructions for “fixing” patron accounts  Determine error message wording for login and patron blocks  Customize request error messages  Test and research “My Account” request status display  Determine best name for each request form  Review and revise general instructions and help pop- ups  Review each form’s instructions, fields, etc.

23 Next Steps  Determine if additional items types can be call slipped, e.g. DVD’s, journals  Determine if any forms can be consolidated by changing policies, e.g. photocopy form  Add volume, date and year to call slip request form  Eliminate “9999” requests remaining display  Expand request selection box and determine display order  Limit comments box to 100 characters

24 Ideas from the Group  Photocopy form – make more obvious that they can get pdf delivered  Error message – red font & more white space around  When does error message when call slip is cancelled go away? (test)  Report of expired unfilled holds  Check which libraries allow renewals on holds (AF check)  Why no locate form?  Why no hold option?  Volumes in drop down not in order  How does copy work in call slip? What happens if they request a missing copy?  MMC prefers no call slip if going to pick up in MMC

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