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Priority Paging Training for the new III Holds System.

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2 Priority Paging Training for the new III Holds System

3 Outline Overview of advantages Overview of differences How it works Placing a request for Hold Copy Returned Soonest Checking In an item to fill a request Running a Title Paging List

4 Continue to place Hold Selected Item for items with volume information Continue to run your Item Paging List For Holds placed prior to cutover For Holds placed as Hold Selected item Book Group requests

5 Virtual Catalog Requests Cancellation Notices Summary Q&A

6 Advantages Holds not stuck on a given item; therefore fewer cleanups necessary No longer necessary to send Email if you are the only holder System automatically produces a cancellation notice Can decline to fill a request at Check In

7 Logic for choosing an item for a paging list is much better No longer depends on patron coding Depends on Pickup location Can be constructed in much more detail by MLN

8 Items available to fill requests in your own library appear on your Title Paging List when a staff member places a Hold Copy Returned Soonest request in a Millennium client. My Account will not show a Status of Available for Holds that are still outstanding


10 Item-level Hold Bib level Holds

11 Differences Dialog is slightly different when placing a request Page for title instead of Place hold; print paging slip Dialog is different at Check In when an item is needed to fill a request

12 Example of Check In dialog

13 Holds stay at Bib-level when initially placed (even when there are available items) Even if an item is on one librarys Title Paging List, the request can be filled by any item checked in on that title. You may need to print a fresh list in some cases

14 An item will continue to appear on your Title Paging List for as long as the interval we set for moving along a page – even though you clear your Title Paging List. If the system has paged all of the eligible items on a bib record and there are no checked out items, then the system will automatically cancel the hold and generate a cancellation notice

15 The Title Paging List will look different from the Item Paging List It will NOT specify a particular item barcode, nor where the item is going

16 How It Works Depends on tables constructed by MLN to indicate priority for paging items Based on request pickup location No longer based on Patron Agency Allows us to relate libraries with branches Locations with equal priorities are chosen in a random fashion

17 Example The priority table for Brookline Coolidge Page item at Brookline Coolidge first Page items from other Brookline locations Page items from other Main libraries Page items from other branches

18 Notes Any item on the bibliographic record can fill the request Whether it is on their paging list or not Requests are moved on to be paged elsewhere by an overnight process Whether or not the library has run a Title Paging List After a MLN specified time period

19 Switch to Client for Live demonstrations Currently set up ONLY on Test server

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