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Day of the Week & #s 21-69 French 2 October 20, 2013.

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1 Day of the Week & #s 21-69 French 2 October 20, 2013

2 Warm Up

3 Les jours de la semaine Lundi = Monday Mardi = Tuesday
Mercredi = Wednesday Jeudi = Thursday Vendredi = Friday Samedi = Saturday Dimanche = Sunday

4 Things To Remember If you are talking about something that happens repetitively on a specific day of the week, you use the definite article « le » with the day of the week. Ex. Marie va au cinéma le samedi. Marie goes to the movies on Saturdays. Otherwise, just use the word for the day of the week. Ex. Marie va au cinema samedi. Marie is going to the movies on Saturday. (this one day, not each week)

5 Cultural Note In France, le calendrier (the calendar) starts with lundi (Monday) instead of dimanche (Sunday). Days of the week are always lowercase in France.

6 Assignment Next Monday, you will need to have this song memorized. I will call each of you up in small groups and you will sing/recite the song for me. I will take a grade for it. I will give you a rubric later this week to explain how it will be graded. Days of the Week Song KI

7 Les chiffres 21-69 20 = vingt 30 = trente 40 = quarante 50 = cinquante
60 = soixante

8 The Pattern All of these numbers follow the same pattern.
To say a number past the zero, you can usually just hyphenate the numbers. 23 = vingt-trois For #2-9 in the one's place. However if it is the number is 1, the pattern is different. Use « et un » with the number in the tens place. 21 = vingt-et-un

9 Les nouvelles Most of the grades on the test were really good.
If you failed, you need to do test corrections. They are due by Friday. Anything not turned in by Friday afternoon will be counted as a zero on your progress report. You will be quizzed on numbers and aller. If you failed the avoir portion of the test, you will also be quizzed on avoir on Friday.

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