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World Language Survey le 5 septembre 2013.

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1 World Language Survey le 5 septembre 2013

2 Le Cloche: Bellwork Fill in the blank in French
1. La datec’est_________________. 2. Aujourd-hui c’est _____________. 3. Demain c’est _________________. 4. Hier c’est ____________________.

3 Activite: Devoir With your partner talk about how your game playing went. Was it easy or was it hard. Why? What would you have done differently. Participation #1 Dissenez un circle.

4 Le Calendrier Introduce yourself Bonjour J’mappelle _____________
You and a partner are going to start sharing information in class as part of welcoming the class. We will also be doing calendar information. Here is an example. Introduce yourself Bonjour J’mappelle _____________ Aujourd-hui c’est _______________ Demain c’est __________________ Hier c’etait _____________________ Bienvenue a la classe francais Participation #2 Dissenez un triangle.

5 Reminder Texts If you would like to be reminded when there are tests and other important things you can subscribe to the following: Text me at In the text box

6 Les Notes: Parlez Quel est aujourd'hui? Aujourd-hui c’est______.
Que sera demain? Demain ce sera______ Ce qui était hier ? Hier c’était ________________. Quelle est la date La date c’est _______________.

7 Activité: Les jours de la semaine
Lundi 1 Mardi 2 mercredi 3 Jeudi Vendredi 4 samedi 5 dimanche 6 Instructions for the game: Each person creates a score card and the chart above in the Los Apuntes section of your notebook. Each team receives a dice and disc (or coin) The first person on the team rolls the dice. All the students match the number with the day. The first person then tosses the disc or the coin. If it is heads it is tomorrow. If it is tails it is yesterday. First person to write the sentence in their apuntes section correctly gets 2 points. Then the player on the left goes next and the game continues. La participation #3: Dissenez un coeur.

8 Les Notes: Greetings Bon jour Bon sour Bon nuit Au Revoir
Comment t’allez-vous? tres bien bien normal enchante

9 Name Game: Mingle Musique
Practice the dialog: Person A: Bonjour Person B: Bonjour Person A: Ça va? Person B: Ça va bien, merci. Et toi? Person A: Ça va bien. Comment t’appelles tu? Person B: Je m’appelle____________ Et toi? Person A: Je m’appelle ____________ Enchanté. Person B: Enchanté. Au Revoir Person A: Au Revoir Use the new vocabulary you learned and practice the dialog at the right. Rules: There is no talking while music is playing. Walk around the room and mingle with your classmates. When the music stops, find the partner closest to you. Do the practice dialog. Don’t just use Bon jour and Ça va, be sure to use new vocabulary.

10 Devoir/Homework Make a cartoon where your cartoon character is meeting someone they have never met before. Have your character greet them and ask their name. Have your character also ask them how they are. Include the response of the character they meet.

11 Le Quiz Write what these words mean in English. 1. Bon jour.
2. Enchante 3. Bon sour 4. Bon nuit 5. Au Revoir

12 Le Absent If you were absent today do the following to make up your work. 1. Do the Cloche/Bellwork 2. Be sure to have your homework from last class done. 3. If you want reminder texts, do the text me slide 4. Write down date questions in your Note sections. Practice them 5. Write down the greeting words in your Note section practice them 6. Write down and do your homework for the next class period. 7. Take the quiz in your quiz section. 8. For your participation points. Write down the days of the week in order and write the date in French.

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