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Agenda Cisco Application Networking Services Customer Challenges

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1 Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) Customer Executive Briefing Presentation

2 Agenda Cisco Application Networking Services Customer Challenges
WAAS Product Overview Customer Value / ROI Summary

3 Typical Application Environment Today
Enterprise Applications Web Servers App Servers DB Servers Majority of Users are Remote Branch Office User HTTP, HTTPS Servers WAN, VPN, Internet Exchange Servers Notes Servers MAPI, IMAP, WebDAV Home/Road User ICA, TN3270 Legacy Application Servers Emulation and Citrix Servers Mainframe & Legacy 2-Tier MMS, RTSP/RTP CIFS, NFS, WebDAV Streaming Media Servers Multiple applications Distributed users – partner, supplier Complex application environments Security and data management concerns Servers DATA CENTER

4 Cisco Application Networking Services Complete Solution for Application Delivery
Broadest set of solutions for application delivery From Branch to WAN to Data Center Branch/WAN products Provide LAN-like application performance & branch consolidation Data Center products Provide secure, reliable, high performing data center infrastructure for application traffic Branch/WAN Services Data Center ACE/CSS/CSM Remote User WAN Branch AVS WAAS

5 Cisco Investment in Application Networking
Recently announced Advanced Technology at Cisco Engineering: Newly formed application delivery business unit to expand Cisco’s product leadership in data center to branch application networking services 500+ engineers, 100’s of millions USD in annual bookings, 1000’s of customers, #1 in market share Dedicated advanced technology sales, and channel development teams to accelerate bookings, customer acquisition and partner enablement Theater, product and technology marketing teams to accelerate awareness, and differentiation Focused technical and advanced services teams

6 Agenda Cisco Application Networking Services Customer Challenges
WAAS Product Overview Customer Value / ROI Summary

7 Today: Branch Office IT Issues
Application performance Bandwidth limitations Latency / jitter / chattiness End user experience Infrastructure cost / complexity File, print & servers Storage & backup WAN bandwidth Data protection Failing backups / lost data Costly off-site vaulting Compliance Backup Local Storage Clients App/file/print Servers Router Switch

8 The WAN Is the Barrier Applications are designed for LAN environments
High bandwidth Low latency Reliability WAN characteristics hinder app response time and consolidation Already congested Low bandwidth Latency Packet Loss Round Trip Time (RTT) ~ 0ms LAN Switch Server Client Round Trip Time (RTT) ~ many many milliseconds Re-look at title LAN Switch Routed Network LAN Switch Client Server

9 Word—Time to Open 1MB Word File (sec)
Example: Result of Centralizing Servers Significant Delays Occur When Accessing Files across WAN Native WAN Native LAN Word—Time to Open 1MB Word File (sec) Native WAN Native LAN Word—Time to Save Excel—Time to Open 2MB Word File (sec) Excel—Time to Save 2MB Word File (sec) Four boxes with four pictures Native WAN Native WAN Native LAN Native LAN [Network Link—T1, 80ms Latency]

10 Agenda Cisco Application Networking Services Customer Challenges
WAAS Product & Technology Overview Customer Value / ROI Summary

11 Cisco Vision: The Consolidated Branch
Backup Local Storage Clients App/file/print Servers Router Switch Design Goals: Fewer local servers / no storage + backup Continued LAN-level performance Ability to leverage centralized applications Preserve services of existing network

12 Cisco Vision: The Consolidated Branch
WAAS = key enabler WAAS App/file/print Servers Storage Backup Data Center Clients App/file/print Servers Router WAAS Switch Design Goals: Fewer local servers / no storage + backup Continued LAN-level performance Ability to leverage centralized applications Preserve services of existing network Achieved

13 Cisco WAAS Comprehensive feature set Seamless network integration
Wide range of app acceleration WAN optimization WAFS / print server Seamless network integration Combination software/hardware Transport & Enterprise versions Router module & WAE appliances Complete end-to-end solution WAAS + IOS + load balancing Data Center WAE-7326 WAE-612 NM-WAE WAE-512 Branch Hardware platforms

14 WAAS Addresses WAN Performance Impact
Problem Solution Cisco IOS/WAAS Technology Latency Mitigation Reduced roundtrips from chatty application protocols Faster connection setup Intelligent Protocol Proxies Transport Flow Optimizations (TFO) Bandwidth Management Offload the WAN by preventing requests from going to the WAN Improve application response time on congested links by reducing the amount of data sent across the WAN Caching Data Redundancy Elimination (DRE) Persistent Session-Based Compression Content Distribution & Pre-positioning Link Throughput Improvement Improve network throughput by reducing TCP-related errors Traffic Prioritization Prioritize selected jitter-sensitive traffic (e.g. VoIP, Video) over the packet network Cisco IOS QoS, NBAR, NetFlow Local Services Replacement for services that branch office servers provide Centrally managed remote services interface Local print services

15 Cisco WAAS Optimization Architecture
Unified Management Video Web Enterprise Apps File Services Local Services Other Apps L7: Application Optimization Content Distribution TCP Flow Optimizations (TFO) Persistent Session-Based Compression Data Redundancy Elimination (DRE) L4: Transport Optimization Application Classification and Policy Engine Logical and Physical Integration Network Infrastructure Security Monitoring Quality of Service Core Routing & Switching Services

16 Application-Specific Intelligence
Compression doesn’t address latency - every message must still traverse the WAN Cisco ‘Application Adapters’ eliminate unnecessary chatter Protocol proxies handle messages locally where applicable Local object caching retain data close to client Data Integrity and Concurrency preserved Manage majority of application traffic locally IP Network Minimize WAN transmission requirement The best way to overcome latency is not to go across the WAN… The ‘trick’ is to intercept application/protocol-level messages and be able to handle most of them locally. Without jeopardizing application behavior or data integrity! That’s what our application adapters (or proxies) do. We also utilize ‘object caching’ to store data close to the client. Object caches “understand” the type of objects application access. For example – a file, a web page, a gif image, a video stream - are all “objects”. By intelligently handling “objects” caches can support higher order operations much more efficiently. In addition, our content distribution technology (CDN) enables distribution of data to the edge proactively, in convenient times (e.g. off hours). Files (or objects) distributed are still checked for freshness. Between the ACNS and WAFS modules, Cisco owns the largest set of application adapters. We support protocols in the web, file and video space. Effectively and safely offload core and origin servers NAS

17 Data Redundancy Elimination (DRE)
Reduce overall WAN consumption based on redundancy Maintain active database of previously sent and received traffic Send database index on behalf of traffic that has been seen before Realize 5x – 50x compression, minimize WAN bandwidth consumption Compress all outbound traffic with LZ compression Additional 2x compression beyond data suppression Very good compression for non-redundant data DRE exploits commonality between payloads that traverse a particular link. A sophisticated, content-based pattern recognition function identifies repeatable patterns (“chunks”). Those are stored and indexed in a “segment cache” on both sides. Once a pattern has been cached, future transmissions require only a small “key” (aka signature) to be re-transmitted across the WAN. LZ compression algorithm is applied to data transmitted the first time, or in the event of a “segment cache miss”. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ L1+”MNOP”+L2 IP Network Label Data DRE CACHE DRE CACHE L1 L2 ABCDEFGHIJKL QRSTUVWXYZ

18 TFO Improves Application Performance
TFO overcomes TCP and WAN bottlenecks Shields nodes connections from WAN conditions Clients experience fast acknowledgement Minimize perceived packet loss Eliminate need to use inefficient congestion handling WAN LAN TCP Behavior Window Scaling Large Initial Windows Congestion Mgmt Improved Retransmit LAN TCP Behavior

19 Preservation of IP and TCP Header Information
Traditional WAN Optimization: Not Seamless, but Disruptive to Existing Network LAN Switch Origin File Server A B Preservation of IP and TCP Header Information QoS NBAR NetFlow ACL NAT Security Filter VPN Optimization Tunnel Traditional WAN Optim. Client Workstation Edge Device Firewall WAN Router WAN Router Firewall Core Device LAN Switch WAN NAS Traditional WAN Optimization changes TCP/IP header information Result: Services may not work Extra integration required Risk of downtime due to dedicated links

20 Cisco WAAS Seamless Network Integration, Service Preservation
B Full Preservation of IP and TCP Header Information QoS NBAR NetFlow ACL NAT Cisco WAAS Security Filter VPN QoS NetFlow Visibility LAN Switch Client Workstation Firewall LAN Switch IP Network Firewall WAN Router WAN Router NAS Edge WAE Core WAE Robust Application Adapters to Offload WAN and Data Center Local Services Transport and Flow Optimizations Data Redundancy Elimination Accelerates ALL TCP Traffic Data Center Scalability

21 Cisco WAAS: Per Flow Auto-Discovery No Overlay Network, Easier to Integrate
Traditional WAN Optim. For all Interception Mechanism’s Cisco WAAS uses Dynamic Discovery of Optimization End Points Cisco WAAS

22 Cisco WAAS + IOS Truly Integrated WAN Solution
BRANCH OFFICE WAAS BRANCH OFFICE Acceleration Reduce response times WAN Optimization Minimize bandwidth / latency WAFS Consolidate file/print/storage NetFlow Reduce network costs AutoQoS Automatic QoS configuration IP SLAs End-to-end performance mgmt File Cache / Local Print Services IP SLA Measurements Auto QoS NetFlow ACLs WAN Optimization Auto QoS NetFlow WAN Optimization IOS DATA CENTER

23 Cisco WAAS True Enterprise Scalability + Availability
Read-ahead optimization increases server load More hardware required for HA Limited Solution Scalability Tunneling increases downtime risk WAN Traditional WAN Optim. All clients requests passed to data center WAAS eliminates 90-98% of requests from reaching the data-center Servers offloaded Highly scalable load balancing No single point of failure WAN Cisco ACE and WCCP v2 offer N+1 Failover Linear performance scalability by addition of additional appliances Cisco WAAS

24 Data Center Integration with ACE
Cisco ACE is the Industry Leading Load Balancer Solution for scaling servers, appliances, and network devices Integrated with Catalyst 6500 Provides load-balancing and N+1 failover services High Availability and Scalability 16Gbps throughput, 4M concurrent TCP connections 350K connections/sec setup Transparency and auto-discovery Supported on all WAE appliances Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) Module for Catalyst 6500 Family Catalyst 6500 Series Multilayer Intelligent Switching Platform

25 Cisco WAAS Central Manager
Quickstart Wizards Comprehensive Management Central configuration Device groupings Monitoring, Stats, Alerts Bandwidth Utilization and Savings by Application Intuitive Interface Graphical U/I, Wizards Command Line Interface (CLI) Role-based administration Facilitates the consolidation effort by minimizing unauthorized changes & reducing human error Scaleable Architecture 1000’s of nodes Redundancy and recovery BW Utilization & Savings Centralized Policy Mgmt

26 Accelerates Broad Range of Applications
Application Protocol Improvement File Sharing Windows (CIFS) UNIX (NFS) 2X-400X Exchange (MAPI) SMTP/POP3, IMAP Notes 2X-50X Internet / Intranet HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV Data Transfer FTP Software Distribution SMS (CIFS, HTTP) Altiris (HTTP) 2X-100X Database Applications SQL Oracle 2X-10X Data Protection Backup Applications Replication Applications Other Any TCP-based Application like Citrix Ensures LAN-like performance for branch-based access of corporate applications Enables branch server and storage consolidation without affecting workflow and employee productivity Simple network integration enables lower TCO * Performance improvement varies based on user workload, compressibility of data, WAN characteristics and utilization. Actual numbers are case-specific and results may vary.

27 Example: Microsoft Office Acceleration
Word—Time to Open 1MB Word File (sec) Word—Time to Save 1MB Word File (sec) Native WAN Native LAN Cisco WAE Native WAN Native LAN Cisco WAE 5 10 15 20 25 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Excel—Time to Open 2MB Word File (sec) Excel—Time to Save 2MB Word File (sec) Native WAN Native LAN Cisco WAE Native WAN Native LAN Cisco WAE 10 20 30 40 50 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Network Link—T1, 80ms Latency Cisco WAAS shows 4-9x faster performance over WAN, and similar performance to LAN

28 Cisco WAE Pricing & Availability
Platform Hardware Positioning Pricing and Availability NM-WAE 1processor, up to 1GB memory; up to 120GB SATA storage Router integrated branch services Pricing: Starts from $4000 Availability: December 2006 WAE-512 1 Processor; 1-2 GB memory; 250 GB SATA disk storage (optional RAID-1) Branch Office Appliance Pricing: Starts from $8500 Availability: Immediate WAE-612 1 Dual Core Processor; 2-4 GB memory; 300GB SCSI disk storage (optional RAID-1) Large Branch Office Appliance Small Data-Center /Hub Appliance Pricing: Starts from $15800 WAE-7326 Dual Processor; 4GB of memory up to 1.8TB SCSI disk storage Campus Appliance Data-Center/Hub Appliance Pricing: Starts from $53000 New NM-WAE WAE-512 WAE-612 WAE-7326

29 Cisco Portfolio of WAAS Services
New Solutions Consulting WAN Assessment WAE Deployment and Implementation Performance and Optimization File Storage Assessment Network Design Data Migration and Backup Services Training Migration Strategy Business Continuity Post Deployment Assessment Knowledge Transfer Plan Design Implement Operate/Optimize Cisco Value-Added Solution Lifecycle Services reduces risk and ensure delivery on ROI projections

30 WAAS: Complete End-to-End Solution From Data Center to Branch
Routing QoS NetFlow L7 App protocols L4 TFO DRE SLB Layer 2-7 End-to-End Data Center Branch CSS/CSM/ACE ISR WAN Cat6K WAAS WAAS Production-proven: 1 million+ ISRs, 10000s of WAEs, 10 years of load balancers

31 Agenda Cisco Application Networking Services Customer Challenges
WAAS Product Overview Customer Value / ROI Summary

32 Customer ROI Example Demographic Need Alternative 100 branch offices
5 Month Payback $6.5 Million Savings Demographic 100 branch offices Need Data protection & compliance Lower branch management costs Faster access to centralized apps Alternative File servers, backup in branch offices Assumptions HW-SW Svgs Bandwidth Svgs Summary Ops Savings

33 WAAS Delivers Real Customer Value
Branch Server Consolidation Remote Application Performance Global Consulting Co. Costly server, storage & backup infrastructure in each branch Lower branch CapEx & OpEx costs; Greater data protection & compliance $8+M savings over 5 years Fortune 100 Financial Slow access to centralized web-based CRM application Faster response time and improved user productivity 8x faster response time WAN Cost Reduction Software Distribution Regional Retailer Increasing branch uses and data; more apps deployed Lower bandwidth costs; able to avoid WAN upgrade 4x bandwidth savings Major Pharmaceutical Co Using MS SMS to deliver s/w updates to field; complex & costly distribution points Accelerated file distribution and eliminated SMS dist. points $2M savings

34 Sabre RS&H Customer Case Studies IT Challenge:
Improve employee collaboration across branches Performance for large files Do not impact QoS for VoIP Result: Collaboration achieved metric set by productivity committee Transparency = no VoIP impact In production in 10 branches IT Challenge: Manage “server sprawl” at growing # of branches Performance for global Outlook + FTP + file share Result: LAN-level performance while testing centralized Outlook servers In production in US, Europe, India, South America

35 Agenda Cisco Application Networking Services Customer Challenges
WAAS Product Overview Customer Value / ROI Summary

36 Key Benefits & Differentiators
Improved application response times Cost savings from servers & bandwidth Rapid integration / time-to-service Maximizes compliance & data protection Designed for the enterprise Differentiators Complete end-to-end solution Seamless integration into existing network Performance under real world load Server offload vs. OVERLOAD Ease of deployment: integration, advanced services, global support Infrastructure Consolidation & Simplified Data Protection Consolidate branch servers into corporate data centers Reduce branch office operational and capital costs Enhance data availability and manageability Centrally protect data and information & streamline storage management Fast Application Access Enable near-LAN performance to centralized applications across the WAN Increase application reach, employee productivity, sharing and collaboration Reliably deliver all branch application content (web, file, video, ERP/CRM) Improved WAN utilization and Reduced bandwidth costs Solution integrates architecturally with the network to ensure that optimal level for service and optimization for network traffic based on business requirements For locations with high bandwidth codes, WAAS can be deployed to reduce bandwidth usage while improving end user performance Designed For The Enterprise Part of an architected solution for the branch office Designed from experience with thousands of enterprise deployments Addresses enterprise-class deployment needs such as network integration and transparency, scalability, ease of deployment and reliability

37 Cisco WAAS: Solution for Today’s Branch
Addresses range of IT branch challenges Comprehensive technology set Application acceleration WAN optimization WAFS Seamless integration into existing IOS networks True enterprise performance, scalability and resiliency Comprehensive solution for consolidated branch


39 Cisco WAAS Deployment Architecture
REGIONAL OFFICE WAAS + WAE Appliance REMOTE OFFICE BRANCH OFFICE WAN WAAS + WAE Appliance WAAS + WAE Router Module DATA CENTER WAAS + Core WAE Appliance WAAS Central Manager Primary/Standby

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