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Media Strategy & Planning Chapters 14 & 15 with Duane Weaver.

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1 Media Strategy & Planning Chapters 14 & 15 with Duane Weaver

2 MEDIA PLANNING - Changes Agency Compensation (15% stat…now negotiated individually) More Media (e.g. internet) Media outlets are large and powerful now Thinner margins for Media Agencies ROI more important Globalization Consumers get Free Content E-Commerce Hyper-Clutter Ethnic Media (on the increase)

3 Media Planning Process Media Plan – specifies the media for messages to target audience Media Class – broad category of media (tv, radio, etc.) Media Vehicle – that particular class’s option (e.g. Nanaimo Daily News for newspaper) Media Mix – the effective blend of media used to obtain best GRP (reach and frequency).

4 Reach and Frequency Reach – number of people or households in a target audience that are exposed to the vehicle. Frequency – average number of times an individual or household within the target audience is exposed to the vehicle within a given time period. GRP = Gross Rating Point = reach X frequency Effective Frequency – number of times a target audience needs to be exposed before the advertiser’s objectives are reached.

5 Reach and Frequency Continuity – pattern of placement of advertisements in the media schedule: –Continuous –Flighting –Pulsing

6 MEASURING MEDIA EFFICIENCY CPM (Cost Per Thousand) – dollar cost of reaching 1,000 CPM-TM (CPM per Target Market) see p. 504 for example CPRP (Cost per Rating Point) see p. 504 for example Share of Voice = one brand’s ad expenditures divided by total product category expenditures in a medium (see p. 510 for example)

7 Discussion Questions Question 2, p. 518 Question 5, p. 518

8 MEDIA TYPES - Newspapers Advantages –Geographic Selectivity –Timeliness –Creative Opp’s (lots of info at low cost) –Credibility –Audience Interest –Cost (low cost) Disadvantages –Limited Segmentation –Creative constraints (low quality print medium) –Cluttered –Short Life

9 Media Types - Magazines Advantages –Audience Selectivity –Audience Interest –Creative Opportunities (better quality printing) –Long Life (saved issue by issue by subscribers) Disadvantages –Limited reach and frequency –Clutter –Long lead times –Cost (more expensive than newspaper)

10 Media Types – TV TV advantages – –Creative opp’s –Coverage, Reach, Repetition –Cost per contact (for broad masses) –Audience Selectivity TV disadvantages – –Fleeting Message –High Absolute cost –Poor Geographic selectivity –Poor Audience attitude and attentiveness –Clutter

11 Types of Advertising - Radio Advantages –Cost (tends to be most cost effective per target audience) –Reach and Frequency – widest exposure (portable medium) –Target Audience Selectivity – geographic, demographic and psychographic Disadvantages –Poor audience attentiveness –Creative limitations –Fragmented audiences –Chaotic buying procedures

12 Discussion Questions P. 556 –Question 1 –Question 6 –Question 7 –Question 8 –Question 9

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