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Greek & Roman Mythology. The Beginning The Purpose of Myths Entertaining stories with a serious purpose They were to explain the nature of the universe.

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1 Greek & Roman Mythology


3 The Beginning

4 The Purpose of Myths Entertaining stories with a serious purpose They were to explain the nature of the universe or how people should behave in a particular culture or society Demonstrates our potential for greatness no matter how humble one’s circumstances are

5 Types of Myths Origin Myths-how the universe, humans, and agriculture came to be -creator-god(s) -universal roles -not all cultures are concerned with the origin of gods; they emphasize creation of their specific people Heroic Myths-teach members of a culture their morals/values, their place in the universe (humanism) & nationalism -adventure stories that humans can relate to -show strength & weakness through choices and actions -immortality is achieved by leaving a lasting impression -common theme is desire vs. social responsibility

6 What’s Homer Got to Do With It?

7 Literary Analysis: The Archetypal Perspective A recognizable pattern in literature for plot design, character types, &/or images Although diverse, these patterns reflect universal themes across cultures (based on Carl Jung & Joseph Campbell’s work) Common Themes: death-rebirth, heaven-hell, rebel- hero, good-evil…

8 The Epic: Storytelling StructureStyle Content

9 Hero: An Archetype Who do we consider heroes in today’s society? What makes a person a hero? Who is your hero?

10 Hero: An Archetype

11 The Hero’s Journey: “The Pattern of Human Experience” “An odyssey, or journey, is a process of self- discovery and self-integration, of maintaining balance and harmony in our lives. As with any process of growth and change, a journey can be confusing and painful, but it brings opportunities to develop confidence, perspective and understanding”- Reg Harris

12 The Odyssey


14 The Hero’s Journey: “The Pattern of Human Experience” I. Separation II. Initiation & Transformation III. Return RITE OF PASSAGE

15 The Hero’s Journey: 8 Steps Process Return Atonement Revelation Transformation The Abyss The Challenges The Threshold The Call

16 I. Separation: The Call Invites us/the character into adventure Opportunity to face the unknown and gain something physically or spiritually We may be willing or unwilling to go forth Reclaim something that was taken from us Quest to find what is missing from our life Restore honor Fight for the rights of members in our society

17 I. Separation: Crossing the Threshold THRESHOLD “Jumping off point” Physical unknown or a psychological unknown Guardians (Often our thoughts & behaviors) Protect us from harm or help us to succeed Helpers/Mentor Provide assistance, direction or a divine gift

18 II. Initiation: The Challenges Physical or psychological They force us to change and grow Increase in difficulty so one builds skill, maturity & confidence Have to differentiate from helpers & “tempters” Strike our greatest weaknesses: fear, doubt, lack of knowledge, poorer skills Acknowledge & face the weaknesses to change them from “demons” to become a strength

19 The Challenges

20 II. Initiation: Into the Abyss Face our greatest fear alone Possibility of failure because we are human Surrender to the adventure

21 II.Initiation: Transformation & Revelation Revelation=Transformation-a sudden dramatic shift in the way one thinks, and this brings about an emotional & psychological (and sometimes physical) change One must conquer the abyss in order to have a transformative experience One is different than how he first set out on the journey Death-birth: part of us must die so we can be reborn

22 II. Initiation: The Atonement Atonement At one with ourselves (A new sense of self: reborn) The imbalance which sent us on the journey has been corrected

23 III. Return Return to everyday life Discovery of our true gift Begin contributing to our society III. The Return Returns to everyday life Discovery of our true gift Begins contributing to society & shares new message The message may be rejected The new “self” might be corrupted & return to who he was before the journey Frustrated that those around him do not have the same level of awareness

24 Mapping the Journey

25 Challenge of Temptation: Calypso & Circe

26 Intellectual Challenges: Polyphemus

27 Challenges of Choice: Scylla & Charybdis

28 The Return

29 Return: Fate vs. Free will

30 Conclusion

31 The Perspectives Perspectives Symbols of the environment FREUD Expression of an individuals fears & desires JUNG& CAMPBELL All myths are Universal; we are all connected MERCEA ELIADE Myths are the Essence of religion& Rel. experiences PAUL RADIN Need to survive economically & rulers instill fear For their $ benefit C. LEVI-STRAUSS Anthropologist –how People solved problems

32 The Principal Gods-The Titans Chaos Gaea Ourea Pontus Uranus 300 Hundred- Handed Giants 3 Cyclops 13 Titans Epimetheus Prometheus Atlas Rhea Selene Helios Oceanus

33 Origin Myth Activity Read Chinese GenesisBushmen

34 Structure of Origin Myths 1.A narrated story containing a change of circumstances 2.No one has a recollection or source stating where & when the story began 3.The significance of the story impacts how we all should live today 4.Claims that it has taken place-it is factual 5.Other people outside of the story’s origin have opposing views 6.There is no known author

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