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Introduction to Archetype. What is an archetype?  Archetypes are _________symbols or motifs in literature. Basically, _________.  Examples – Situational.

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1 Introduction to Archetype

2 What is an archetype?  Archetypes are _________symbols or motifs in literature. Basically, _________.  Examples – Situational Archetypes The ______Journey The ________ The Medieval _________  Examples – __________ Archetypes The _______ The ______in Distress The Loyal ______

3 Can you think of some examples of these character archetypes?  The Hero _________________  The Mentor _________________  The Sidekick _________________  The Damsel in Distress _________________

4 Archetypal Symbols  ______vs. Darkness – knowledge vs. _______, _____vs. despair  Water vs. ______– _____vs. death  Serpent vs. _________– _____ vs. innocence/paradise  Spring – ________  __________– life  Autumn/Fall – fading, _________  __________– death, hibernation

5 Color Archetypes (Color Symbolic) ColorPositiveNegative RedLove, ________, powerDanger, _____, anger Blue_______, trust, harmonyCold, __________ YellowHappiness, _____________, betrayal _______Energy, flamboyantPride, ambition Green______, youth, spring________ PurpleRoyalty, ______, SpiritualCruelty, _________ Gray________, intelligenceOld age, ___, boring _______Earth, home, comfortControl, boring Black ______, formal, elegantFear, _____, death White_____, cleanliness, youthCold, sterile, _______

6 The Hero’s Journey  The Hero’s Journey is the most common _________ archetype.  You’ve seen the hero’s journey in many movies, TV shows, books, etc.  Examples: __________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ __________________________________

7 Characteristics of a Hero  _________ and/ or Orphaned (or otherwise separate from family)  Special abilities and/or ________  _________  Trial involving overwhelming ____________  Faithful _____________  ________

8 Hero Example – Kung Fu Panda  Separate from his family – __________________ _________________________________________  Special abilities/weapons – __________________ ____________________  Mentor – __________  Trial involving overwhelming obstacle – ________ ______________________________  Faithful companions – _____________  Flaw – ____________

9 The Separation The Initiation The Return The Call to Action: The Threshold: The Challenges: Transformation/ Revelation: The Atonement: The Return: The Abyss The Threshold into the Unknown These can switch places

10 The 3 Stages of the Hero’s Journey  Separation (from the known) The Call The Threshold (with guardians, helpers, and mentor) The Threshold (with guardians, helpers, and mentor  Initiation The Challenges The Abyss The Transformation/Revelation The Atonement  The Return (to the known world) The Return (with a Gift)

11 The Separation The Call  _______the hero into the adventure  Offers hero ________to face the unknown and gain something _________  May __________go into quest or be dragged ______________into quest  Can be a realization of _________or injustice  Example: Po has always dreamed of learning Kung Fu and becoming a ___________. When a series of mistakes lead Po to be chosen “Dragon Warrior” by Oogway, he is ______to undergo the journey of ____________ in order to gain the benefit of success in Kung Fu. The Stages

12 The Separation The Threshold  “_____________” for the adventure  Place where hero must leave the ________and go into the __________  Past the _________lies the danger and challenges of the _____________.  ___________archetypes met here: threshold guardians and/or helpers (including mentor)  Example: Po enters the jade palace. Though Shifu, his __________, is not particularly nice to him, Po decides to stay and face the challenges of the _________. The Stages

13 The Initiation The Challenges  Takes place in the “__________”  Hero faces _________ or temptations  Challenges help hero ______ strength, maturity, skill, and confidence  Example: Po observes the Furious 5 training. He tries but is defeated by a kids’ punching bag. All the furious 5 beat Po up during training. Shifu realizes he can help Po by training him through food. Po trains hard and succeeds at Kung Fu. The Stages

14 The Initiation Transformation and Revelation  Before or after the hero conquers the ______ (explained in the next slide) and overcomes his fears, he is __________.  Sometimes there is a moment of _____and _____– a part of the hero dies so he can be reborn with more strength and maturity.  There is a ____________, or a moment when the hero has a dramatic change in his/her view of life.  Sometimes hero __________ something.  Example: Po, with the help of his father, _______ there is no “secret ingredient” to greatness. He simply must believe his is the Dragon Warrior in order to become the Dragon Warrior. The Stages

15 The Initiation Into the Abyss  The greatest _________ of the journey.  Must overcome greatest ______ alone.  There is the possibility that the hero isn’t ready or has a _____ – the challenge could beat him/her.  Example: Po returns to the Jade Palace to confront Tai Lung, now that he knows it truly is his _______. Po fights Tai Lung. The Stages

16 The Initiation The Atonement  The hero becomes “_____” with his/her new self and new life.  The hero has been ______and is balanced and in _________with life and the world.  The hero receives a “boon” or ______  Example: Po defeats Tai Lung, bringing the gift of peace to the valley. His new identity as the Dragon Warrior is reaffirmed by his father’s praise and recognition. The Stages

17 The Return  The hero _________ to everyday life.  Usually, the hero returns to do ______ _________ in his/her original society.  Sometimes, heroes are not _________ on their return.  Example: The return is different for Po. He ________ to the Jade Palace to check on Shifu at the end because being a kung fu warrior is his new _________ life. The Stages

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