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“Up North...” The realities of doing business in Northern Ireland 10.09.2014 Simon Devlin.

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1 “Up North...” The realities of doing business in Northern Ireland 10.09.2014 Simon Devlin

2 Perceptions of Northern Ireland... from a Southern perspective

3  Population of 1.8 million people, 33% of whom live in the Greater Belfast area.  Only 1.25 hours drive from Dublin to Belfast and 3.5 hours from Cork / Galway.  NI economy emerged from recession in June 2013...steady growth since then:  Unemployment falling.  Consumer confidence rising.  Significant FDI successes recently.  Crime statistics improving. Lies, damned lies and statistics

4  Big growth in South to North sales over recent years - €1.185 billion during 2013.  Key areas of opportunity for Irish companies in NI are:  Food.  Engineering.  Construction products / services.  Creative industries / digital sector.  Recycling and renewables.  Many Irish SMEs / micro enterprises now selling very effectively into the NI market. Lies, damned lies and statistics [Cont’d]

5 So why would you consider NI as a potential target market?  Ideal starter “export” market.  Can provide a foothold in the UK market.  Same island / easy access.  Recovering economy...with a very strong public sector.

6 Support to explore business opportunities in NI...

7 We are the only organisation which has been tasked by both Governments to boost North/South economic co-operation for the mutual benefit of Northern Ireland and Ireland. We support SMEs across the island to identify and develop North/South trade and innovation opportunities. We do this through: Business programmes Research & statistics Networks and partnerships Who weare &what wedo.

8 Our range of cross-border business initiatives offer practical funding, information, advice and support to help SMEs. Ataglancebusinesssupport Sales & Marketing n Sales and marketing support - Acumen n Sales development support for small business - Elevate n Tender workshops, training and mentoring - Go-2-Tender n Meet the Buyer events n Trade accelerator voucher scheme for cross-border business advice on legal, financial and regulation issues Innovation & Collaboration nCompany-graduate-academic partnership - Fusion n Business transformation and strategic planning - Challenge n Horizon 2020 supports - voucher scheme and information service n Innovation events, workshops and masterclasses - All Island Innovation Programme Equity Finance n All-island Seedcorn Investor Readiness Competition nBusiness Angel Networks and Syndicate groups n Equity advisory service - one to one advice from our equity expert n Venture Capital Conference annual event n Business plan workshops, guides and events n Regional Equity Advisory clinics n Entrepreneurship master classes

9 Elevate is aimed at businesses employing less than 10 people. Cross border sales Elevate Whole rationale for Elevate is to help small businesses to “dip their toes in the water” in NI. Up to €5,900 worth of advice and assistance from an experienced market expert is available – NO CHARGE to successful applicants. Visit

10 Support options 1. Employ a full-time salesperson Up to €18,750 is available to hire a dedicated salesperson for 12 months that is based in your target market and responsible for increasing sales in that region - North or South 2.Hire a part-time salesperson Up to €10,000 available to hire a prospector who can represent your company in your target market for 12 months 3.Employ a high-calibre sales & marketing graduate Up to €17,190 towards the employment costs of taking on a graduate to develop a strategic sales and marketing approach in NI/IRE Visit : www. Cross border sales Acumen

11 Contact us…. Follow us on Facebook Join the conversation on twitter

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