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Micah Howard & Doug Whiteley 3/16/2011 Backup Technologies.

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1 Micah Howard & Doug Whiteley 3/16/2011 Backup Technologies

2 Presentation Agenda Questions & Planning Considerations New Hardware Flat File / Traditional Backups Virtual Environment Backups Interface Demo Questions

3 Backup Technologies What do you want to back up? Flat Files Local Drives or Network Storage Databases Mailboxes System State Virtual Machines Full VM or Files

4 Backup Technologies What are your data requirements? Off Site or Local (or both) Network Speed Data recovery time frame (15 minutes vs. 1 day) Other Considerations Amount of data Retention Period Preferences on media (tape vs. disk vs. cloud) Virtualization platform (Hyper-V or VMWare) Time Window

5 Flat File / Databases Backup Exec 2010 R2 Remote Agents Barracuda Backup NTBackup (Windows Server Backup)

6 Hardware Tapes LTO3 – 400gb/800gb @80meg/sec LTO4 – 800gb/1600gb @ 120meg/sec LTO5 – 1.5TB/3TB @ 140meg/sec Disk 2TB & 3TB SATA drives now available

7 LTO Tape Generations

8 Backup Exec 2010 R2 GUI

9 Backup Exec 2010 New Features Support for: SQL 2008 R2 Exchange 2010 SP1 Sharepoint 2010 Backup job “recommendations” USE GRT! Integrated Renewal Manager

10 NTBackup (Windows Server Backup) Feature set changed in 2008 No longer able to backup to tape Local Storage or Remote Storage Creates VHD files Cannot boot off of but can mount Needs dedicated drive for scheduled backups

11 Windows Server Backup GUI

12 Barracuda Backup Options

13 Barracuda GUI Web based status & management console available online from anywhere

14 Barracuda GUI Selection lists include data from various sources and operating systems.

15 Barracuda GUI Granular control of exchange backups down to message level

16 Barracuda GUI

17 Virtual Environment VMWare Quest Software vRanger Standard Quest Software vRanger Pro Hyper-V Data Protection Manager 2010 (DPM 2010) Barracuda Backup Service Both Backup Exec System Recovery Server Edition

18 VMWare Solutions Quest Software vRanger Estimated server license cost $478.49 Image backup of running/stopped VM’s Built on ESX storage API’s No agent to deploy Backup to disk Backs up to NFS/NAS, FTP, and CIFS share Restore individual files w/o mounting VMDK

19 VMWare Solutions Quick Demo

20 Hyper-V Solutions MS Data Protection Manager 2010 Approx. $432.00 for Ent license (required for VM backup) Backup to disk Image backup of running/stopped VM’s Restore different host

21 Hyper-V Solutions Quick Demo

22 Hyper-V Solutions Barracuda Backup Service Pay for initial appliance with monthly data plan Agent installation Initial backup to disk Backup to Barracuda offsite location Fast restore times

23 Combined Solutions Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Approx. $928.00 per VM Agent based Image based backup Backup to disk Can convert images to both Hyper-V and ESX Can restore to dissimilar hardware

24 References MS DPM 2010 - protection-manager.aspx protection-manager.aspx Quest Software vRanger - Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery - virtual-edition virtual-edition Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2 - Barracuda Backup Service -

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