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PRINCEton. By: Emily Busi, Erin Cruse, Ally Engelke.

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1 PRINCEton. By: Emily Busi, Erin Cruse, Ally Engelke

2 Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time, there was a prince named Derek. Derek was the most handsome man around. Every girl would just die to be with Prince Derek.

3 The Parents Derek’s parents believe in arranged marriages. They always believed he would one day marry Princess Rose, later did they find out their long dying wish would no longer come true.

4 When They Were Young Prince Derek and Princess Rose met when they were at a young age. They actually used to be best friends up until Derek went off to college at PRINCEton. When he came back from PRINCEton, he had no attraction for Rose at all.

5 Upset Rose was devistated by this news. She thought she loved Derek,she thought he was the one. Who wouldn’t want Derek, he was handsome, sweet and rich!

6 What Caused This? What made Derek unattracted to Rose? They both came from royalty, they both were rich.. what happened? When Derek left for PRINCEton, he was aided by his fairy god mother. His fairy god mother often told Derek, It Is What Is On The Inside That Matters.

7 The Potion At PRINCEton, Derek slowly started realizing he wasn’t himself. He started becoming less judgmental of people and himself. There was actually a girl, a girl in his chemistry class, Meredith. And when he saw her, boy did they have chemistry.

8 Meredith Meredith was the opposite of Rose. She was very small, and petite. She did not have a lot of money at all, and she did not come from royalty.

9 Chem Class T he first day of school, Derek did not take a second look at Meredith, but as school went by, and the potion started kicking in.. Derek was head over heels for her. They were lab partners and started to talk more and more.

10 “The One” Derek knew that Meredith was the one. On the last day of school, Derek asked Meredith if he would go home with him, to Ever Ever Land. But Meredith longed to see her family who lived back in Seattle, so she said no.

11 Back In Seattle Meredith went home to Seattle, just thinking about Derek. Although it was great to see her family, she noticed there was a void. She needed to take a plane to Ever,Ever Land… NOW!

12 Back In Ever, Ever Land Derek was so upset about Meredith, that he just wanted to get married. He didn’t care to who, he just wanted to get married now! He took Rose by the hand and they arranged marriages for the next morning.

13 Getting Ready Morning came quickly. The wedding was on its way. Flowers, chefs, and decorations were arriving, the scene was about to be complete. Rose sat hasty in the makeup room, getting ready.. But something in her gut.. She knew something would go wrong.

14 The Wedding 3:30 sharp, walking down the aisle. Her and Derek stand there, hand to hand. But Derek wasn’t thinking this was Rose, he was just hoping it was Meredith. Right before Derek’s final I Do... Meredith storms in!

15 STOP! Meredith screams STOP! Derek rushes to Meredith. Meredith says how badly she messed up, and how she loves Derek. Derek quickly agreed.

16 The Ending And the ending simply is… they lived happy ever after… in Ever Ever Land.

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