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Route Transfer February 2004 TAC Meetings. History of Route Transfer Study.

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1 Route Transfer February 2004 TAC Meetings

2 History of Route Transfer Study

3 Problems with Previous Process (ADOT’s perspective) No list of candidate routes Opportunities missed to make transfers as highway segments bypassed Improvements too expensive Pace of transfers/abandonments too slow Lengthy negotiations and administration

4 Technical Advisory Committee John PeinADOT Planning Joe HughesRTAC Don FreemanPAG Rick PowersDistrict Engineer, Globe Bill AlfierDistrict Engineer, Yuma Steve HansenADOT Right-of-Way

5 Study Schedule 1 st TAC Meeting (December 4, 2001) Transportation Board (May 2, 2002) 2 nd TAC Meeting (July 23, 2002) Review with ADOT DEs (September 2, 2002) 3 rd TAC Meeting (September 23, 2002)

6 Study Schedule (Continued) November 2002 Transportation Board Discussion: Consult with local stakeholders Use Level of Development to Identify Routes Local Government/Stakeholder Meetings MAG (December 10, 2002) PAG (January 8, 2003) Rural Transportation Summit (January 16-17, 2003)

7 Study Schedule (Continued) Technical Advisory Committee (March 2003) Transportation Board Transportation Board approves Route Transfer Policy (August 15, 2003)

8 Transfer of State Routes Policy 1. SHS provide for statewide and regional movements 2. Cooperate with local jurisdictions 3. Maintain a list of eligible transfer routes 4. Transfer bypassed and parallel routes

9 Priorities for Transfer Local government interest Bypass/Alternate route construction Not needed for system continuity Others

10 Summary of County/City Comments Concern about wholesale abandonment of routes and forcing local agencies to take them Concern about the financial impact on local governments Questions about specific routes

11 2004 Scope for Route Transfer Study

12 Route Transfer Technical Advisory Committee

13 Update October 2003 Draft Report

14 Board Identified Issues 1. LOD / SOC 2. Internal ADOT procedures 3. Set-aside funding 4. Design and maintenance standards for urban highways 5. Local to State transfer 6. Frontage/Spur Road Inventory

15 Rural Transportation Summit Identified Issues 1. Change functional classification 2. Redistribute maintenance funds 3. Local government cost computations

16 Other Issues

17 TAC Organization/ Future Meetings

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