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Regional Service Planning for East Texas Texas Department of Transportation Tyler District Thursday, October 6, 2005 - 2:30 PM.

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1 Regional Service Planning for East Texas Texas Department of Transportation Tyler District Thursday, October 6, 2005 - 2:30 PM

2 AGENDA Welcome and Introductions Review of Philosophy and Process Recap of Previous Activities and October 19 Preparation Comments Summary and Next Steps

3 Foundation for a Successful Meeting Participation is encouraged and welcomed Everyone will have an opportunity to contribute One speaker at a time, without interruption please Being succinct is encouraged – to allow for all to contribute

4 Expected Outcomes for Today Review and discuss activities to date Priorities Obstacles Tools Prepare for October 19 with Study Group List constraints or barriers to regional service Provide a strategy for a work plan Identify a lead agency Draft budget

5 What Are Priorities for Public Transportation in East Texas? 1.People first, barrier-free 2.Multimodal interconnectivity across the region 3.Aggressive outreach and education to a broad base 4.Increased and flexible funding 5.Increase and expand services 6.Address emergency planning and homeland security

6 What Are the Obstacles to Address? Planning Operating practices Funding Communication

7 Planning Lack of inclusion of users and advocates in the planning process Complexity of the issues, lack of understanding Legislative barriers: Identifying them and responding to them No one group can accommodate the needs of the ridership Unable to expand services Lack of regional meeting

8 Operating Practices Transit vehicle accessibility Bus stops, curb cuts, shelters Provider control Organizing services such as hospital care, to make public transportation a viable link to the services Provider control, lack of provider cooperation

9 Funding Funding, increasing the funding available Funding formula Urban competition for funds Redefining an eligible expense Minimal local buy-in from officials and businesses, etc. Solutions that are possible without a tax increase

10 Communication Communications and publicity Education and awareness Fear as part of consumer issues Unwillingness to use public transportation Language barriers

11 Priority Obstacles Planning Operations PracticesFunding Communicate 1 People first, barrier freeXXXX 2 Aggressive outreach and education to a broad base XXX 3 Increase and expand serviceXXXX 4 Increased and flexible fundingXX 5 Multimodal connectivity across the region X 6 Address emergency planning and homeland security XXX

12 Strategy for the Work Plan? 1.Organize 2.Involve the community 3.Conduct a regional assessment 4.Establish task forces to address needs and resolve constraints 5.Develop draft regional service plan 6.Involve key Stakeholders in review of the draft 7.Produce a regional service plan for East Texas

13 REGIONAL SERVICE PLANNING FOR EAST TEXAS Possible Schedule TASKS MONTHS 123456789101112 Task 1. Organize Task 2. Involve the Community Task 3. Conduct a Regional Assessment Task 4. Work with Task Forces Task 5. Develop Draft Regional Service Plan Task 6. Involve Key Stakeholders in Review of Draft Task 7. Produce a Regional Service Plan for East Texas Stakeholder Outreach Legend Stakeholder Outreach Event

14 Who Should be Involved? Users of public transportation People who need public transportation including advocates Public transportation providers Agencies that fund public transportation Agencies responsible for planning regional and local transportation Business community Other transportation providers including multimodal

15 What are the Skills or Resources Needed for a Lead Agency? Administrative resources to arrange meetings and public events, maintain communications with participants and stakeholders Resources to conduct a major public involvement program Regional perspective Ability to dedicate staff support Ability to contribute funds in support of regional service planning

16 Candidates for Lead Agency? Local government (city or county) Urban transit provider Rural transit provider Metropolitan planning organization Council of governments TxDOT district Regional planning commission Workforce board Regional mobility authority Client transportation provider Advocacy organization Others?

17 Examples from Other Regions Rural transit district and council of government co-lead Regional planning commission and rural transit provider co-lead Council of government Council of government as administrative lead; TxDOT district as technical lead Metropolitan planning organization (also the regional planning commission and the rural transit provider) Urban transit provider Council of government assisted by the metropolitan planning organization

18 Steering Committee Lead Agency Technical Committee Stakeholders Community Outreach Group Planning Consultant Example from a Peer Region

19 How to Estimate Resources Required? Continue discussion today Delegate to an agency Agree on a task force Schedule another meeting


21 Summary and Next Steps

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