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Winnipeg Invitational Basketball Tournament “Plugged” Technical Vocational High School 1555 Wall Street, Winnipeg MB R3E 2S2 CANADA.

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1 Winnipeg Invitational Basketball Tournament “Plugged” Technical Vocational High School 1555 Wall Street, Winnipeg MB R3E 2S2 CANADA

2 Topics About Tec Voc High School About the Information Technology Studies Program The Event – Winnipeg Invitational Basketball Tournament ITS Involvement in the Tournament The Project - General Learning Outcomes The Technology

3 Location – Where is Winnipeg, Manitoba? Winnipeg Winnipeg, Manitoba is located near the geographic longitudinal centre of Canada.

4 Tec Voc High School is located in the core area of Winnipeg, Manitoba Student population is approximately 1300, with in excess of 85 instructional staff. Students range in age from 15-18 years old. School was established in 1951 and is physically the largest secondary building in Manitoba. The School’s primary focus is technical and vocational education with 18 areas Students earn 8-10 vocational/technical credits and 8-10 academic credits over a three year period. SCHOOL’S MISSION STATEMENT “Focused on helping students acquire employability skills as well as those skills essential for post secondary education and training.”

5 Tec Voc – Vocational/Technical Areas Advertising Art Aerospace Manufacturing & Maintenance Building Construction Business / Computer Studies Child Care Commercial Cooking & Baking Dental Assisting Dental Technology Electrical / Electronics Graphic Arts Machining Technologies Home Economics Industrial Design Information Technology Studies Photography Power Mechanics Radio & Television Broadcasting Technical Drafting

6 Our Program - Information Technology Studies (ITS) As specialization occurred in the industry/post-secondary training we have evolved our program so that it covers five major IT areas: Software and Website Development Networking Hardware Software Application Support Multimedia The 10 credit course consists of the following: 2 credits Grade 10 Computer Science, Computer Repair 4 credits Grade 11 Computer Science, Network Fundamentals, Hardware Fundamentals, Software Applications, Multimedia Fundamentals (optional) 4 credits Grade 12 (2 required, select a minimum of 2 others) “Specialization Year” Required: Seminar in Business, Network Management Options: Computer Science, Data Management, Multimedia Production, Business Software Applications, and Industry Certification ITS MISSION STATEMENT To provide the student with the skills needed to establish and maintain an organization’s “technology needs” and to prepare them for transition to post- secondary education.

7 The Event – Winnipeg Invitational Tournament WIT is the largest tournament in Western Canada and involves teams from across Canada and the United States. The event has become the catalyst for cross-curricular activities from various technical areas including ITS, Graphic Arts, Graphic Design, and the Radio and Television Broadcasting departments. <>

8 WIT – ITS Involvement Broadcast the live event to the world using the Internet and streaming technologies. The project involves several teams of students responsible for different areas of the site. Networking Hardware Web design Statistics Video and audio Multimedia Students are involved in the planning, execution, and delivery of their specific areas As teams come from various Provinces and States, parents, students, relatives, coaches, and supporters have come to rely on the website, video stream, and statistics to watch and follow the tournament.

9 The Project – Learning Outcomes Provide an authentic learning experience Develop teamwork and leadership skills Problem solving

10 Outcome #1 – Authentic Learning Experience Taking subject matter that is learned in small parts or in theory throughout the student’s coursework and give it a practical application. The project results in the creation of a resource (website, streaming audio & video, statistics) that members of the school, community, parents, educators, and interested parties from across the country and internationally will use. The completed project becomes a source of pride and sense of accomplishment for the students involved. Throughout the project, they not only learn the new technologies, but gain confidence as they now have practical experience in the IT field.

11 Outcome #2 – Teamwork and Leadership Skills As educators, we feel the development of interpersonal and teamwork skills are extremely important for the students’ success in the transition from school-to-work. We are repeatedly informed by our IT Industry Advisory Council that the “soft skills” seem to be lacking in prospective IT employees. Project situations, such as this, force students to deal with each other, instructors, coaches, organizers, officials, and the general public, this provides an opportunity for the student to develop their interpersonal and teamwork skills. The concept of “professionalism” and responsibility to the team is discussed at length prior to the event.

12 Outcome #3 – Problem Solving Students will have to overcome problems related to equipment, software, new technologies and relationships with other students on the team. The student must also learn overcome equipment limitations and problems and resolve them in a timely manner. The end product being delivered to the public (video, audio, news, and statistics) through the website has become relied upon by the media, coaches, parents, and fans. If at any time the website, video stream, statistics are interrupted the students must react decisively to fix or repair the situation

13 Educational Outcomes – Information Technology Setup of a network in the gym Computers used were assembled and maintained by students Design the web site and graphics for the website using client and server side technologies Research and carry forward news/articles/results from past years and present it on the website Broadcast the audio/video signals from the server over the Internet Input accurate statistics while the game is being played Write articles to summarize the events of each day Test radio frequency audio and video signals

14 Sample of Website - 2005 Visit: For an archive of past sites 1999-2005 QUESTIONS?

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