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Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

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1 Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling
Oregon Framework for Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Oregon Department of Education

2 Each district in Oregon is expected to have a comprehensive guidance and counseling program PreK-12
OAR (adopted 1996) OAR (June 2008) Oregon Department of Education

3 Seven Fundamental Questions
1. What do students need that the school counseling profession, based on its special body of knowledge, can best provide? 2. Which students benefit from activities designed to address these needs? 3. What are school counselors best qualified to do to help them? 4. How do guidance and counseling relate to the overall educational program? 5. How can guidance and counseling be provided most effectively and efficiently? 6. How is a good school counseling program developed by a school? 7. How are the results of school counselor’s work measured? Oregon Department of Education

4 Diploma Requirements Extended Application Essential Skills
Education Plan and Profile Academic & elective credit (Common Core and Career Technical Education) Career- Related Learning Experiences Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Oregon Department of Education

5 Oregon’s Framework Addresses student needs in our changing world
Views guidance and counseling as integral to each school’s mission Supports each student’s learning and academic achievement Describes essential program elements for districts to design and develop programs Provides a tool for system change Oregon Department of Education

6 Framework’s Purpose Support districts in creating and maintaining a CGCP Describe concepts and provide definitions and direction for development and continuous improvement Oregon Department of Education

7 Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Plan PreK-12
Serve each and every student Cross all grade levels and content areas Integral to the whole education program Integral to the Oregon Diploma Support student achievement Data-driven to close achievement gap Oregon Department of Education

8 Framework Overview Academic Career Personal/Social
Community Involvement Oregon Department of Education

9 Student Development Domains
Each domain identifies skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential for student learning Oregon Department of Education

10 Learning to Learn - Academic
Participate fully in the formal school curriculum, achieve high academic standards, and be lifelong learners Oregon Department of Education

11 Learning to Work- Career
Plan education and career paths, manage careers and work life through personal transitions and economic change Oregon Department of Education

12 Learning to Live – Personal/Social
Survive and prosper in an increasingly complex world Oregon Department of Education

13 Learning to Contribute– Community Involvement
Be involved community member and citizens Oregon Department of Education

14 Oregon Department of Education

15 Why do we deliver comprehensive guidance and counseling?
Section A–The Foundation Why do we deliver comprehensive guidance and counseling? Oregon Department of Education

16 Program Mission A clear assertion of purpose
Relates to the overall school district mission Asserts CGCP helps each student prepare for successful next steps Oregon Department of Education

17 Program Philosophy Describes CGCP as integral to educational program
Foundation for program Rationale for program content Oregon Department of Education

18 District Policy Supports CGCP
Reflects pertinent laws, rules, regulations and standards Essential for long-term success of CGCP and students Oregon Department of Education

19 How do we deliver a comprehensive guidance and counseling program?
Section B – The Content How do we deliver a comprehensive guidance and counseling program? Oregon Department of Education

20 Guidance Curriculum Instructional program PreK-12
Developmental, preventative and proactive Comprehensive in content, scope and sequence Academic, career, personal/social and community involvement Knowledge and skills for success and next steps Oregon Department of Education

21 Individual Planning Assists each student in setting and achieving goals Supports development of education plan that personalizes learning Supports documentation of progress and achievement of educational profile Oregon Department of Education

22 Responsive Services Collaborate with and intervene on behalf of each student whose immediate needs, concerns, or problems are distracting or impeding learning Oregon Department of Education

23 System Support and Integration
CGCP staff use knowledge and skills to infuse CGC program throughout school Delivering professional development Providing consultation and collaboration Coordinating program delivery

24 Student Advocacy Equitable access and opportunities
Accommodations, modification, special assistance provided as required Supports each student’s success in school Supports each student’s successful transition to next steps Oregon Department of Education

25 Student Advocacy Educational Equity ensures that each child is able to derive maximum benefit from his/her educational experience. Oregon Department of Education

26 Section C- The Resources
Who delivers the comprehensive guidance and counseling program and what do they need to deliver it? Oregon Department of Education

27 Professional Staff All school staff provide comprehensive, integrated services to each student Professional CGC staff guides the program Presence of licensed school counselors as team leaders enhances likelihood of program success Oregon Department of Education

28 Collaborative Structures
Effective communication with all stakeholders, within school and community Site councils and advisory committees Employers and business partnerships Oregon Department of Education

29 Materials and Facilities
Curriculum materials, guidance and counseling tools and access to facilities and equipment Career resource room or counseling center Oregon Department of Education

30 Management Systems Support creation, maintenance and enhancement of CGCP Secures adequate financial resources for staff, materials and facilities Ensures ongoing development, systemic change, program integrity and public relations Oregon Department of Education

31 Section D – The Continuous Improvement
Are we successfully delivering comprehensive guidance and counseling to each and every student? Oregon Department of Education

32 Student Progress Review and analysis of individual, group, and aggregate data on student progress Oregon Department of Education

33 Staff Development Staff roles and responsibilities are explicit
Staff development is provided as needed Staff evaluations address CGCP activities and individual development needs Oregon Department of Education

34 Program Planning and Evaluation
Integral to overall school improvement Established objectives and actions Provide accountability measures and data to close the achievement gap Is on-going as part of the school’s total assessment process Oregon Department of Education

35 Student Outcomes Career-Related Learning Experiences
The Framework adds no new CGC standards. CGCP supports student achievement of: Career-Related Learning Experiences Application Standards Career and Life Role Common Curriculum Goals & Indicators Academic Content Standards (CCSS) Education Plan and Profile Career-Related Learning Standards

36 Oregon Department of Education

37 Oregon Department of Education

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