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Tell Tale Heart.

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1 Tell Tale Heart

2 “Data Swim” In your table groups, conduct a “data swim” researching historical facts and information about Edgar Allen Poe. The presentation can be shared in a Google doc Presentations will be tomorrow! You may access your shared Google doc from home if you need to finish! PRINT a copy of your presentation also!!

3 “Data Swim” Topics 1. Timeline of important events in Poe’s life
2. Significant events that have affected Poe’s writing style 3. Poe’s most famous works (Poems) & a brief description of them 4. Poe’s most famous works (Short Stories) & a brief description of them Myths about Poe Significant historical events during Poe’s life & their possible affects on him/his writing

4 Poe Presentations! Take our Spelling/Vocab #4 and a RED correcting pen! “Data Swim” Poe Presentations Begin reading “Tell Tale Heart” on Page 353

5 “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe How does Poe keep the reader in suspense? Draw this chart in your composition book



8 Tell-Tale Heart Exit Questions
What is the mood of the “The Tell Tale Heart?” Give two examples of how Poe creates this mood?  What is the main conflict in the story. Give one example of how the story is ironic. “A single dim ray like the thread of a spider” is an example of what literary device?

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