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Developing Fieldwork Partners for Student Learning Developing Fieldwork Coordinator Leadership Capacity.

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1 Developing Fieldwork Partners for Student Learning Developing Fieldwork Coordinator Leadership Capacity

2 Session Outcomes Learning Outcomes At the end of this session participants will: Identify strategies to address FW development needs for students, academic staff and industry partners Identify strategies for capacity building in FW partner development programs Develop strategies to build FW performance Identify strategies to motivate others to implement a FW program

3 3 Factors Building Enthusiasm (Sirota 2005) Equity/Fairness – People want to be treated fairly at work Achievement – People want to do important, useful work, and be recognised for this Camaraderie – People want to enjoy good relationships with their co-workers

4 Symptoms of performance problems (AIM) Low productivity Poor quality of student experience/assessment Too many errors/ failure to follow policy correctly Accidents / stress Frustration Absenteeism Conflict with others Unwilling to provide placements for specific cohorts Lack of communication Lack of confidence Lack of teamwork Inadequate support Lack of feedback Staff complaints Student complaints Equipment problems High failure rates Discrimination/bullying Students poorly prepared Standard of client care unsatisfactory

5 Identifying Performance Problems ? Symptoms of a performance problem Is there a difference between results wanted and those achieved? Is it worth the effort to rectify the discrepancy? Don’t have a performance problem No Yes No Use performance checklist to identify cause Yes

6 Performance Conditions Checklist Expectations – Does the student/industry partner know exactly what is expected? Tasks Quality/quantity Priority/expected results Deadlines/timeframes How performance is monitored Aids & Equipment Best available Accessible Know where to find Know how to use and when Motivation Motivators provided when results achieved Motivators for poor performance

7 Performance Conditions Checklist Knowledge & Skill – Does student/industry partner have all knowledge and skills required to perform the tasks to specified standards Capacity – Given above conditions exist, is student/industry partner capable of achieving standards External Factors – Are there external factors e.g. domestic situation, ill health, organisational stressors etc

8 Performance Scenarios Review Performance Scenarios in groups of 4 and use the Performance Conditions Checklist to determine the cause of the performance problems

9 Performance Discussion Motivating Communication – Purpose of interview – Quality of questions and statements crucial Obtaining evidence to make decisions Objective of interview Atmosphere and rapport Planning and conduct

10 Activity Consider your stakeholders – students, academics, and industry partners and identify an issue which you have with each group. Use the Performance Conditions Checklist to identify the source of the problem

11 Development Needs for FW Universities have an obligation to ensure that both students and fieldwork partners are well prepared to provide a successful learning environment to ensure the learning outcomes can be achieved

12 Students Academic preparation Workplace literacy Motivation Learning to work with others Noticing Self awareness Portfolio preparation

13 Industry Partners Clear expectations about required outcomes Policy requirements Orientation programs Factors which influence student learning Facilitating learning in the workplace Models of supervision Assessment Feedback Dealing with poor performance Students with additional needs

14 Professional Development Fieldwork guides Seminars – uni vs workplace Blackboard site In-house workshops Outsourced PD Interprofessional workshops – generic + discipline specific Flexible delivery – Rural, remote and international

15 Activity Use the Development Framework by Cooper et al. (2010) to review your fieldwork program Identify current practices and areas which require further development and discuss potential strategies for development with your group

16 ICVF—360°leadership survey Individual capabilities captured through 360 degree online survey Provides you with full circle feedback on your leadership practices from peers and colleagues Your name/email will be forwarded to Leaderskills Pty Ltd. whom administer the survey You will be sent a log in ID and Password which will enable you to open your survey and complete the ICVF survey on your own leadership. The survey is usually open for 3 weeks (2 weeks for everyone to complete the survey and then 1 week for collation and reporting of results to participants)

17 ICVF Survey Protocol continued Enter names and emails of significant others (supervisor(s), peers, fieldwork staff, professional staff, colleagues etc.) who can provide objective feedback about your leadership Try for at least 12 individuals to give you a robust sample These significant others will in turn, complete the ICVF survey online via an emailed survey link All responses are confidential - you will not be able to identify individual responses (unless you have a single supervisor providing you with feedback and they authorise that their data be identified as a separate category) Monitor activity in your survey to see how quickly your significant others are completing it, and provide them with gentle reminders to complete the survey by the due date.

18 Once the survey closes, Leaderskills runs the reports and finalises the data Reports sent to XXXXX for the Fieldwork Coordinators Leadership Program, who distributes them to each participant Bring your printed survey (it is best to print the survey using a colour printer) to the third day of the program in May, where a trained facilitator in the use of the ICVF will walk you through the interpretation of your data.


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