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Church Road Surgery Patient Feedback Questionnaire August 2013.

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1 Church Road Surgery Patient Feedback Questionnaire August 2013

2 Introduction Church Road Surgery continually aim to gather feedback from patients in order to improve services and overall patient experience. During August 2013 Church Road Surgery carried out a Patient Survey for the Practice. A total of 72 questionnaires were completed by patients over a two week period and the findings are shown within this presentation. The results are representative for the practice as a whole.

3 Who are you filling this questionnaire out for?

4 Which reason best describes the reason you saw the doctor today?

5 On a scale of 1 to 5, how important to your health and well being was your reason for visiting the doctor today?

6 How good was your doctor today at being polite?

7 How good was your doctor today at making you feel at ease?

8 How good was your doctor at listening to you?

9 How good was your doctor today at assessing your medical condition?

10 How good was your doctor today at explaining your condition and treatment?

11 How good was your doctor today at involving you in decisions about your treatment?

12 How good was your doctor today at providing and arranging treatment for you?

13 This doctor will keep information about me confidential

14 This doctor is honest and trustworthy

15 I am confident about this doctors ability to provide care

16 I would be completely happy to see this doctor again

17 Was this visit with your usual doctor?

18 Are you male or female?

19 Age

20 What is your ethnic group?

21 Additional Patient Feedback “Great Doctors!” “Appointment waiting times are very long i.e. wait at least one month for an appointment. Never get seen on time, always at least 30- 90 minutes wait after appointment time” “The Doctors here are always very nice” “I feel very comfortable with Dr Sinha and I always have done” “Very good Doctor” “Very good and responsible behaviour from the Doctor” “We are so blessed to have the practice we have, all the staff are so kind and helpful and they listen to what your problems are and try to solve them. We are all very proud of our practice and the name it has in the community. We get the best service you could wish for. God bless you all.”

22 Additional Patient Feedback “Very caring and thorough. We felt guilty for how long he took with us” “My wife and I have been using this surgery for many years and are satisfied” “Very nice doctor who listens closely to what you say” “Excellent Doctors” “Dr Sinha has always provided excellent service to me and my family” “I have complete confidence in all of the doctors at Church Road Suirgery” “In God we trust”

23 Additional Patient Feedback “Very thorough, takes time to listen. Good baby clinic” “This doctor has looked after my family for many years and we completely trust him and we are extremely grateful for all his care throughout the years” “I usually don’t mind who I see” “Very good and responsible behaviour from the Doctor” “The Doctor I saw was very pleasant and thorough” “I have the utmost respect for all of the doctors, nurses and staff who work here. They are a credit to the community and the NHS”

24 Conclusion In conclusion to the patient feedback questionnaire, it is clear to identify that the majority of patients are satisfied with the overall service we provide. However, it is evident that although our GP’s take time with their patients and give thorough consultations, one of the key issues that lets us down is patient access and waiting times. In order to combat this issue and to improve patient experience, we have implemented a Telephone Triage Service for Urgent cases, where the doctor can speak to the patient over the telephone, assess the urgency and either give the patient a same day appointment or book a routine slot. We also implemented a ‘48 hour appointment system’. This system enables us to offer patients more appointments within 48 hours of their initial request to see a doctor. These appointments have been assigned to all of our clinicians and so far has proved to be a huge success. It has enabled us to not only book appointments for patients within two days, but we are also able to offer appointments on the same day. Church Road Surgery is also a GP training practice and benefits by working with two GP Registrars, and a Foundation 2 doctor, enabling the practice to offer more appointments to our patients.

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