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What’s New in ArcGIS Desktop

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1 What’s New in ArcGIS Desktop
WLIA 2002 What’s New in ArcGIS Desktop Presented by: Jason Grootens Mike Koutnik ESRI Minneapolis By: C. Menzel Slides compiled from several presentations including Jack Dangermond’s Dec presentation, Larry Young’s pres., and JD Overton’s ArcGIS 82 presentation. March 8, Content was reviewed by Damian for accuracy. Format: presentation includes text slides and supporting screen shots/ graphic slides for most topics. Hide and/or delete to meet your needs.

2 ArcGIS Vision Single Scaleable Software Platform Common Data Model
Distributed GIS Architecture Leverage Industry Standards User interface Web interface Development / extension tools Data management and formats Migration Via Incremental Releases Slides 2 – 7 cover ArcGIS Vision and overview of clients

3 ArcGIS System Web Clients ArcGIS Clients Network ArcGIS Servers Mobile
ArcInfo Web Clients ArcGIS Clients ArcEditor ArcExplorer ArcView ArcReader HTML or Java Browser Network (Lan, Web, Wireless) ArcObjects ArcGIS Servers Mobile Clients ArcSDE ArcIMS Services…. RDBMS ArcPad

4 Scalable ArcGIS Desktop Products
ArcInfo Add Advanced Geoprocessing ArcInfo Workstation Enterprise GIS Management Functions ArcEditor ArcView ArcReader Add Advanced Editing Advanced Annotation Add Map Production Query Geocoding Editing Customization Extensions Data Access Map Viewing Query

5 ArcGIS 8.2 Goals Release with ArcIMS 4.0 Support ArcIMS 4.0
Release ArcReader application Address Quality and Performance Issues Focused enhancements based on existing architecture Extended platform support ArcSDE on Linux (Intel 32) ArcReader on Windows, Sun, IBM AIX

6 ArcGIS Desktop 8.2 Spatial Adjustment & Rubber Sheeting
ArcObjects Controls (Page Layout, Map) ISO Metadata Support (ArcCatalog) Image Catalog improvements Exporting of Geodatabase annotation to coverages Rotation of labels based on attribute values

7 ArcGIS Desktop 8.2 Address Mil / Intel Needs
Advanced Label Formatting Map grids and graticules NITF 2.1 support Spot Colors and Print Color Depth Visibility on Earth Curvature MOLE Address selected Section 508 Issues

8 ArcGIS Desktop 8.2 Raster ArcGIS 3D Analyst ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
Advanced raster data management in DBMS Stretch renderer (min./max.) ArcGIS 3D Analyst Animation Improved TIN engine ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Add missing grid operators to calculator Cut–Fill Groundwater tools

9 ArcMap Advanced Data Compilation
Rubber Sheeting & Conflation Coordinate Geometry Tools

10 Metadata ISO Metadata Support Wizard driven Metadata Data Entry
Integration with Metadata Server

11 Author and Manage Metadata
Supported content standards FGDC ISO support new in 8.2 Automates much work for metadata collection and maintenance Works on data, maps, files, tables, etc. Supports metadata catalog server in ArcIMS 4 ArcCatalog Automatically senses and records properties Automatically senses and records properties Files ArcIMS Services Geodatabases

12 Interactive Annotation and Label Editing
Improved User Experience Optimized for versioned geodatabases Rotate point labels by angel Export Geodatabase Annotation to Coverage

13 3D Animation In 3D Analyst, ArcScene Create Flybys Give layers motion
Smoothly transition sun position and background color Fade in/out layer visibility Create AVI files

14 New System for Publishing Maps
ArcReader ArcReader is Viewer ArcGIS is Author/Publisher ArcGIS ArcReader is a new addition to the ArcGIS Desktop family of products. It is a free, lightweight map viewer. ArcReader is built from the same ArcObjects component technology as ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo 8.1, and shares a common look and feel. The goal of ArcReader is to provide significantly increased access to geographic data throughout all parts of an organization. ArcReader allows users to easily view, explore and print maps. A single ArcReader Published Map can access any combination of local, network or Internet sources as defined by the map author. Easy to use Lightweight New System for Publishing Maps

15 ArcReader 8.2

16 Consistent User Interface
ArcReader 8.2 Consistent User Interface

17 ArcGIS 8.2 Extensions Extensions Map Publisher (PMF) Streetmap Europe

18 Publisher Extension Data
ArcReader Publishes ArcMap Documents to PMF format PMF readable by ArcReader and ArcMap Server ArcMAP PMF Publisher The Publisher is a new extension for ArcGIS 8.2 The Publisher is an extension to ArcMap that allows users to convert their ArcMap documents (MXD) to Published Maps Files (PMF) that ArcReader can read and print. The Published maps contains all the information about the data and how it is to be symbolized. ArcReader maps are authored by ArcMap users. Any ArcMap application with the new Publisher extension can convert a standard MXD map document to the Published Map format used by ArcReader. The Published Maps contain instructions about the location and symbology of data layers (rendering rules, scale dependencies, etc.). Published Maps can only be altered with ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo using the new Publisher extension, thus making ArcMap an authoring or publishing environment for maps viewed with the new ArcReader technology. Data A New Extension

19 What’s Next in ArcGIS

20 ArcGIS - Post 8.2 Additional Extensions Maplex Tracking Analyst
Survey Analyst

21 Maplex Extension New Label Engine option for ArcMap, not full blown Maplex (no rule base) Many additional label placement options for points, lines, and polygons Used in the placement of labels and feature-linked annotation

22 Maplex Extension Advanced, Automated Label Placement

23 Tracking Analyst Provides historical and real-time data playback
Point, lines, polygons Handles large volumes of data

24 Tracking Analyst

25 Survey Analyst Extension to ArcGIS that allows survey information to be stored in a database. Purpose is to allow for improving positional accuracy of your data through field measurements. Many construction tools for creating new measurements and linking these measurements to features.

26 Survey Analyst COGO Tools Plus Survey Data Management

27 ArcGIS 8.3 Late Summer 2002 Topology Advanced Editing Tools
Linear Referencing Disconnected Editing New Extensions Survey Analyst Maplex Labeling Focused: Comprehensive GIS Database Design and Management ArcGIS 8.3 is a focused release designed to deliver a complete environment for GIS database design and management. It will feature the ability to store and maintain topologically related features in a topology layer, in the geodatabase, a suite of 20+ advanced editing tools including COGO editing tools, and tools to support working with features who share geometry. Also included in 8.3 is a complete set of Linear Referencing tools, the ability to perform disconnected editing, and the new Survey Analyst extension.

28 ArcGIS and ArcIMS 9 Next generation geoprocessing Distributed GIS
Advanced cartography Geodatabase All data in DBMS Transactions History Network Analyst Developer SDK (redistributable applications)

29 ArcGIS Server Vision Comprehensive ArcGIS Server GIS Services Support
Mapping Data Geoprocessing Support Major platforms Key standards ArcGIS Server ArcIMS ArcGIS

30 ArcPAD – GIS for Mobile Computing
Inventory Monitoring Survey Reporting Editing ArcPAD 6 New Capabilities Customizing/ Scripting Improved Editing Rotated Symbols ArcGIS Support Better GPS Internationalized ArcPAD 5 . . . Field-Based Geography

31 ArcPAD Applications

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