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Hope VI Residents Deserve Green Housing Affordable, Healthy Home Design Choices.

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1 Hope VI Residents Deserve Green Housing Affordable, Healthy Home Design Choices

2 Top Ten Priorities for Low Utility Bills Orientation Roof color and material Wall color Minimizing window area But allowing for adequate ventilation Minimize carpet, use stamped concrete, tile, or terrazzo Properly size AC systems Install ductwork within conditioned space Efficient Water Heating Systems Efficient lighting and appliances

3 Orientation

4 Orientation Matters

5 Roof Color and Material Attic Temp: 138 0 FAttic Temp: 100 0 F

6 Roof Color and Material


8 Roof Color and Materials White metal roof home performed the best (25% measured savings)

9 Wall color No cost associated with selecting a whiter wall color Reducing the solar absorbance from 0.8 to 0.5 or from 0.5 to 0.3 can save 3 to 5% of the heating/cooling bill.

10 Minimizing Window Area

11 Window Shading Strategies Minimize East and West Exposures Use Overhangs on all Sides –Particularly South Plant Shade Trees Exterior Awnings or Bahama Shutters Interior Shades Low SHGC Glass or Films

12 Window Shading Strategies

13 Window Strategies

14 Allow Adequate Ventilation Provide cross-through ventilation from front to back and side-to-side Make sure all windows are operable and have durable, easy-to-use hardware Provide openings on two different walls in each bedroom Bedroom ventilation may work best on 2 nd story Space buildings to avoid blocking breeze

15 Natural Ventilation Ideally, window openings should equal 12% of floor area

16 Allow Adequate Ventilation Augment with whole house fans Include ceiling fans Have outside rooms open on three sides

17 Whole House Fan oFoF

18 Minimize Carpet Use stamped concrete, tile or terrazzo Slight benefit for cooling energy use Reduce allergy effects of dust mites

19 Install ductwork within conditioned space Must be incorporated from the beginning of the design phase by architect. Save 10 to 20% on heating & cooling Reduce uncontrolled airflow and related indoor air quality problems.

20 Properly Size AC Systems Typical contractors oversize systems Installing a three-ton system where a two- ton system will suffice results in a 10% energy penalty Smaller systems work better on humid nights. Choose a SEER 13 or better unit.

21 Use solar or heat pump water heating systems Water heating is a much larger portion of the energy bill in most low-income households. Smaller space with more occupants results in less HVAC than average household, but more water heating.

22 Solar Water Heating Solar Weatherization Program: Detailed Monitoring of 30 sites $250/year on hot water before solar, $120 after

23 Solar Water Heating

24 Efficient Appliances and Lighting Strategies Appliances –Energy Star Refrigerator and Washing Machine –Efficient Clothes Dryer Lighting –Day lighting (orientation, interior colors) –Efficient bulbs and fixtures

25 Clothes Washers horizontal-axis washers use 1/3 less water

26 Water Conservation Indoor –Washing machine and other appliances Energy Star models use up to 50% less water

27 Water Conservation Outdoor –Xeriscape tm principles can eliminate need for supplemental irrigation after landscape is established. –If irrigation systems are desired (turf), alternative water sources include greywater, reclaimed water, and rain water collection.

28 Educate Consumers Behavior differences can result in differences in energy bills by a factor of three to 1 for similar size families in similar homes.

29 Habitat for Humanity Homestead, Fl

30 Monitored Energy Use

31 Variation in AC energy consumption

32 Factors Influencing Variation Occupant Behavior –Thermostat Setpoints –Fan Control –Natural Ventilation Roofing System –Roof covering –Attic Ventilation –Radiant Barrier

33 Behavior Variation

34 Natural Ventilation

35 Indoor Air Quality Source Control –Paints, sealants, and adhesives Uncontrolled Air Flow –Can lead to mold and mildew growth –Also affects building durability

36 Uncontrolled Air Flow



39 Moisture Control Dumb Idea#1: Design a building with no slope to the roof Dumb Idea#2: Design no overhangs Dumb Idea#3: Use vinyl wallpaper

40 Materials Resource Efficient –Recycled –Engineered –durable Construction Waste Management –Reduce amount of waste –Reduce embodied energy

41 Statistics AIA estimates 2 lbs waste/ft 2 of new construction and 60,263 Btu/ft 2 embodied energy for wood frame Increasing average construction efficiency 4% from 81% for a 1500 ft 2 home translates to 120 lbs of waste saved per house and 1059 kWh of embodied energy saved per house.

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