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Lab4 Part2 Lau Ting Nga Virginia Tsang Pui Yu Wong Sin Man.

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1 Lab4 Part2 Lau Ting Nga Virginia Tsang Pui Yu Wong Sin Man

2 BlackBerry OS End-to-end Encryption – Two transport encryption options Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES) Data transmitted between BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and BlackBerry smartphones – Private encryption keys Secure, two-way authenticated environment Stored only in the user's secure enterprise account and BlackBerry smartphone regenerated wirelessly by the user

3 BlackBerry OS End-to-end Encryption Data sent to the BlackBerry smartphone is encrypted by BlackBerry Enterprise Server using the private key retrieved from the user's mailbox. The encrypted information travels securely across the network to the smartphone where it is decrypted with the key stored there.

4 BlackBerry OS  RSA SecurID Two-Factor Authentication  RSA ACE/Agent® Authorization API 5.0 interface  Additional authorization when users access application data or corporate intranets  Username and Token Passcode

5 Window Mobile  protect corporate data and communications  designed to put organizations in control of their own security and data

6 Window Mobile  Authentication services include:  Security services for user authentication  Credential management.  Message protection through a programming interface called Security Support Provider Interface.

7 Window Mobile  Encryption, to help provide privacy and authentication between two communicating parties who have exchanged a shared secret.  Digital Signature, to help authenticate another party, or information sent by that party, without prior exchange of a shared secret.

8 Symbian  An open source operating system (OS) and software platform designed for smartphones and maintained by Nokia

9 Symbian  Malware  Symbian OS was subject to a variety of viruses, the best known of which is Cabir. Usually these send themselves from phone to phone by Bluetooth.  However, Symbian OS 9.x adopted a UNIX-style capability model.  Bypassing Platform Security  Symbian OS 9.x devices can be hacked to remove the platform security introduced in OS 9.1 onwards, allowing users to execute unsigned code.

10 Business Solutions - BlackBerry  Email on the Go  Don’t miss a great opportunity just because you’re not in the office! Send and receive email directly from your mobile device  Satellite Navigation  Never get lost again! Imagine all the convenience of a tom- tom ™ but in the palm of your hand instead!

11 Business Solutions - BlackBerry  Hosted Microsoft Exchange  Share Outlook Calendars, Access your Email, Business Contacts - and access them via your mobile phone – with the Hosted Exchange Solution.  Handset Tracking  Know the exact geographic location of any of your sales staff at any given point in time. Big brother - Awesome!

12 Business Solutions - BlackBerry  Boost Reception To Your Mobile Phone  Frustrated with your poor mobile reception when you’re inside? We can help with a antenna that boosts reception on your Business.  Free Consultancy  Are you maximising your company’s productivity? Get a free “in field” consultation.

13 Business Solutions - BlackBerry  Business Applications  Just some of the multiple software solutions we have to help increase your mobile business productivity.  Business Networking Events  Want to dramatically increase your sales and meet up to 50 NEW Business Clients in just 1 hour?

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