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Lee Hang Lam Wong Kwun Yam Chan Sin Ping Wong Cecilia Kei Ka Mobile Phone OS.

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1 Lee Hang Lam Wong Kwun Yam Chan Sin Ping Wong Cecilia Kei Ka Mobile Phone OS

2 What is Android?  Android™ delivers a complete set of software for mobile devices: an operating system, middleware and key mobile applications.  Linux kernel Linux kernel  Created by Google  Android 3.0

3 Android advantage  Google Android is open source software.  All applications are created equal  Breaking down application boundaries  Fast & easy application development

4 Android disadvantage  Significantly increase the risk of hacking these devices

5 Android Authentication  A "Google Authenticator" app available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry phonesavailable for Android  A SMS (text) message  A automated phone call This will require a special code that can be obtained in one of three ways:

6 Android encryption  Google's Android now supports numerous features in Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync, including SSL encrypted transmission and remote wipe.  "Android 2.2 provides a number of enhanced Exchange features, like the addition of the numeric pin password options, remote wipe capabilities, things like that which make it more palatable for enterprises to adopt,“  Although software-level encryption in Android 2.2 is an improvement, Android still does not support hardware-based encryption, according to Kaspersky Lab virus researcher Tim Armstrong.  With software-level encryption, it's easier for a hacker to take data off a Micro SD card, whereas with hardware-level encryption the data on the removable storage card is "really locked to a chip on the electronics within the phone," according to Armstrong.

7 Windows Mobile  Authentication  password locking of the device  two-factor authentication (e.g., SecureID, card readers).  biometrics installed (e.g., finger print reader)

8 Windows Mobile  Encryption  can be managed by MSCMDM(Microsoft System Center Mobile Device manager)  enabled with VPN  ActiveSync  need to be enhanced to meet broader company and user requirements.

9 Blackberry OS StrengthsNeed to enhance AuthenticationApplication Verification Data VaultingTamper Resistance ReliabilitySecurity vs Usability Manageability/Policy EnforcementAllowing Security Extensions Meeting Security Validations

10 Blackberry OS  Authentication  BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) tools  strong password  two factor authentication and secure peripheral authentication  unique policies

11 Blackberry OS  Encryption  extensive number  BES administration function  fully integrated within the OS  requires no knowledge or intervention on the part of the user  customized policies

12 Palm OS  The standard for handheld computing  Manages personal information  Accesses and enters corporate data  Mines the richness of the web

13  Individual passwords  Each database has a "password set" that controls data entry  HotSync Manager or HotSync Server on the desktop during the HotSync process  Authentication  RSA SecurID®  Encryption  RSA BSAFE®

14  Strengths  Cost-effectiveness  A steep learning curve  Privacy  100% secure  Weaknesses  A usual password is not safe.

15 iPhone OS  Strengths  Simplest Smartphone to use and to navigate.  Keyboard gives visual feedback when entering logins and passwords  Automatic switching between data network and wifi  Weaknesses  Limited customization  No java support  No flash support

16 Encryption  provide a layered approach to keeping your information secure  to protect all the data by using encoding  always enabled and cannot disable by the users

17 Authentication  encrypted the keychain for the storing digital identities  partitioned so that credentials stored by third-party applications cannot be accessed by applications  provides the mechanism  across a range of applications and services

18 Symbian

19 Advantages of Symbian  Handy keyboards  Well designed applications allow working with huge amounts of data  High quality games  Have PDF reader  Download big files through phone easily with 3G

20 Authentication and Encryption  subject to a variety of viruses  from phone to phone by Bluetooth  By passing Platform Security side  can be hacked to remove the platform security  allowing users to execute unsigned code


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