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All about frogs.

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1 All about frogs

2 What is a frog? A frog is an amphibian which means that it can live on land or in water. There are many types (species) of frog around the world.

3 Where they live (Habitat)
Although frogs can live on land they must be near water or their skin will dry out and they will die. Frogs can not live in salt water.

4 What they look like (Appearance)
Frogs have a long tongue which is sticky and ideal for catching insects. They have powerful back legs and webbed feet. Frogs’ eyes are round and bulging. They have smooth, moist skin. The colour and pattern varies depending on the type of frog.

5 What frogs eat (Diet) Frogs do not drink water but soak it up through their skin. Frogs eat insects such as flies. They will also eat worms and some frogs can even eat mice!

6 Frog life cycle Frogs begin life as tadpoles which are thousands of eggs laid in water. Tadpoles hatch out of the eggs and then begin to grow front and back legs. Tadpoles become froglets; their tails disappear and they can breath out of water. The froglet becomes a full grown frog.

7 An interesting fact … Did you know that frogs never shut their eyes! Amazingly, they can see forwards, sideways and upwards all at the same time.

8 Talk to a partner… What 3 facts can you remember about frogs?

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