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George Dixon International School and Sixth Form College 15 th -19 th June 2013 3 rd meeting.

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2 George Dixon International School and Sixth Form College 15 th -19 th June 2013 3 rd meeting

3 We traveled by plane and we changed in Frankfurt, in the biggest airport in central Europe. We went by train from Birmingham airport to Condover Hall.

4 We played a lot of games with C ondover animators, they were very crazy and funny. For example, we were doing archery, climbing and many other activities.

5 On Monday, we saw nearly all of the Birmingham school and we showed our presentations. We visited B irmingham M useum, too, it was very interesting. In the evening, we moved to Oxford, we passed by Cadbury chocolate factory during our trip.

6 On Tuesday, we enjoyed the Oxford university, we splited up to teams and every team visited another college. Czech team and English team visited St.Peter´s C ollege, we met a girl from Slovakia there and she explained us what to do when you want to study here.

7 We traveled by train from Oxford to Birmingham airport. The first plane was late, so we had to wait there and we had to run very fast for the second plane waiting for us in Fran k furt. It was very exciting …


9 We met with our partner schools again, now in Birmingham. First two days we were in Condover Hall, we played a lot of exiting games, we had great time there. In school in Birmingham there we showed our presentations and looked over the school, it was very interesting to meet new school culture. After we went to Oxford, we saw very beautiful St. Peter´s College, we learnt what you have to do, when you want to study here. All the week was very exiting and interesting. The people, who we met, were great and we hope we´ll see them next time. Michaela Němcová, 2.A The third meeting in Birmingham began in Prague Airport when we flew by aeroplane to Frankfurt in Germany and after that we flew to Birmingham Airport. We took train and went by taxi to Condover Hall, place where we stayed for two days. There were lots of activities that we could enjoy ( for example archery, making fire and many other team games). We also had typical English breakfast that was really delicious. When we left this amazing place looking like Hogwarts from Harry Potter film, we went by coach to Birmingham. We visited our partnership school there and we were in The Museum of Birmingham. When we finished this visit, we headed for Oxford. In this town there we saw typical student life, we visited St. Peters College and we bought some souvenirs here. It was a really good experience for me and I also think that for my friends too. We met new friends from the different countries and I am happy that I could be there. Finally I would like to express my thanks to our teachers Mrs. Dražanová and Mrs. Charyparová who made our visit to this country more special. Petr Pochman, 1.C


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