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„My memories ” ♥♥♥ 2013. Diary about Polish – Cypriot students’ exchange 2013/2014 part 1 - Cyprus.

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1 „My memories ” ♥♥♥ 2013

2 Diary about Polish – Cypriot students’ exchange 2013/2014 part 1 - Cyprus

3 „Dear diary...” „Dear diary...” It starts as usual entry in a diary... but this presentation is only a small part of what happened during the exchange in Cyprus. It‘s a description of the events, but the real memories are permeated with too many emotions to be easily described here... There are no words to define some of these events...

4 DAY 1. 27th of September 2013

5 Today we are going to fly to Cyprus! I can’t wait to see this island, feel its warm and beautiful smell of dry grass! Of course I can’t wait to meet our partners, too! I hope that they will be amazing!

6 Later…

7 We are in Cyprus! Now we are at the nice hotel where we are going to spend the night. Our fly was quite nice. I’m a little bit tired, but it’s OK. It is very warm here. Mmmmm… Cyprus! ♥

8 DAY 2. 28th of September 2013

9 Today we are going to go sightseeing Paphos, but before breakfast we can go swimming! Water in hotel’s swimming pool was a bit cold at first, but later it was PERFECT! We ate delicious breakfast and met our partners. I think that they are very sociable and friendly. They are going to go sightseeing Paphos with us. It will be fine.

10 Later…

11 Paphos is amazing. My friends and their partners are going to come back to Nicosia, but I’m going to stay in Paphos with my partner and his family… I’m a little bit nervous… I can’t wait to meet them!

12 Later…

13 I’m sitting in my room in a beautiful hotel near the seaside. I’m full, because I ate a huge meal! I saw a fishing port, a lot of beautiful restaurants, drank delicious and fresh orange juice and knew a bit better my partner and his family. They are great!

14 DAY 3. 29th of September 2013

15 Today we have to spend our time with the families. So, we ate delicious big breakfast and we went sightseeing the Aphrodite baths and a place where Aphrodite was born. I ate delicious mussels and I swam in the see. Later, we came back to Nicosia and we went to „THE MALL” – Nicosia’s shopping centre, where we hanged out with our friends. I bought T-shirt and drank delicious milkshake. I had a perfect day!

16 DAY 4. 30th of September 2013

17 Today we are going to school to have an Academy on the occasion of the Independence Day. We had some school activities, too. We are going to go sightseeing The „Green Line” border.

18 DAY 5. 1st of October 2013

19 Today, we are going to spend our time at the beautiful beach, playing games, swimming in the see and sunbathing. What a perfect day!

20 DAY 6. 2nd of October 2013

21 Today we had the Comenius Activities and the „Polish Day”. In the afternoon, we went sightseeing Nicosia’s Archeological Museum, The House of Cooperation and Ledra street. I bought a lot of souvenirs.

22 DAY 7. 3rd of October 2013

23 Today we had school activities. We made a lot of comics about POLCYPRUS and we danced „ the Dance of Ghosts”. We spent afternoon with our families.

24 DAY 8. 4th of October 2013

25 Today we went on sightseeing the Archbishop Makarios the 3rd Cultural Foundation, The Hause of Hadjigeorgikis Kornesios, The Omerye Mosque, Turkish baths and the Famagusta Gate. It was very interesting, but I was a bit tired.

26 DAY 9. 5th of October 2013

27 Today we went on the Troodos Mountains. We saw the church of lady Asinou – a UNESCO world heritage site, and we had a picnic with our partners and teachers. The Troodos Mountains are the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen!

28 DAY 10. 6th of October 2013

29 Today’s morning and the afternoon we spent with families and partners. I was in a Greek church, I ate a lot of traditional dishes and unfortunately I had to pack my bag  In the evening we had a meal in a traditional tawern. We were dancing late into the evening.

30 THE LAST DAY!  7th of October 2013

31 Today we are going to come back to Poland!  We couldn't stand that we had to say goodbye. Cyprus is the best! Of course I was crying… I loved students from Cyprus! I would like to stay in Cyprus a bit longer… These 10 days passed too fast. We are going to miss Cyprus and our partners! 


33 Thank you for your attention! Written by Izabela Lendor

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