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DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. Mission Statement Plan, Design, Construct, Operate and Maintain the roadway system under the jurisdiction of Lee County.

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2 Mission Statement Plan, Design, Construct, Operate and Maintain the roadway system under the jurisdiction of Lee County

3 DOT Organization Engineering Services Traffic Operations Tolls GIS

4 Federal/State or Regulatory Agency Mandated Superintendence and control of County road system FS 336.02 (1) (a) Clean Water Act Section 402, FS 373 National Bridge Inspection Standards 23 CFR Part 60 Drawbridge operation 33 CFR Part 117 Regulatory Sign and Signal Maintenance FS 316 Update/Maintenance of Transportation Element of Lee Plan and CIP FS 163 Maintenance/Reporting of County Road System

5 Comprehensive Plan Mandated Long range planning with the MPO (36.1.1 and 42.1.1) Prepare and implement financially feasible CIP (37.1) Maintain adopted LOS standards (37.1.1) Maintain/update roadway service volumes (37.1.2) Traffic Count Program (37.1.3) Traffic signal progression program (40.2.2) Monitoring and improving signals, signs, street lighting and lane markings on all roadways (40.2.2) Traffic safety studies (40.2.3) Traffic signal/intersection improvement program (40.2.7) Leescape Plan and RLAC (40.3) Bicycle/Pedestrian system and BPAC (40.4.2-40.4.8) Neighborhood Traffic Control Plans/Traffic Calming (41.1.3) Coordination of transportation facilities with other agencies (42.1)

6 Historical/Board Directed Roadway Landscaping Program Arterial Streetlights Non regulatory road signs Controlled Access Roadways ROW permitting and regulations Signalization Retiming and Operations Center

7 Cost of Core Services Mandated $27,480,000 Comp Plan $ 14,490,000 BoCC/Historical $ 4,180,000 Total $ 46,150,000

8 Where Have We Been?

9 Five-Year Historical Data

10 Five Year History Approved Positions

11 Major Increases or Declines Implementation of Signal Operations Center  Landscape program  Asset Management System  Material costs  Arterial street lighting program  Contracted services 

12 Where Are We Today?

13 Positions 394 approved positions 9 vacant positions

14 Cost Reductions and/or Efficiencies Eliminated in house surveying Reduction in 42 positions and corresponding Fleet since FY 2007 Terminated Interlocal agreements with municipalities except for traffic signals

15 Major Issues and Long Range Projects Long range plan update with MPO Coordination of large developments – Red Sox Stadium and Babcock Ranch Bike lane/complete streets Road resurfacing shortfall Bridge Replacement (Big Carlos) Upgrade of Signal System State mandates for sign retro-reflectivity Bridge Incident Management System Increased mileage of roadway and landscaping to maintain Revenue shortfalls for capital improvements

16 Where Are We Going?

17 Three Year Revenue/Expense Projection

18 Core Services Engineering Services Long range planning – 20 year horizon Transportation related development review activities Bicycle/Pedestrian planning, programming and committee administration ROW inventory Design and construction of capital projects ROW permitting Resurfacing program

19 Core Services Landscape Program $32 million investment 184 centerline miles landscaped $1.75 million contract budget Large tree/palm trimming Irrigation maintenance and repair Spraying and fertilization

20 Core Services Canal Program Quarterly mowing of 163 miles of canal ROW, 211 weirs and 67 retention ponds Maintenance of primary drainage canals for hydraulic function 12-14 month cycle Chemical application for aquatic vegetation control in canals and flood prone ditches

21 Core Services Road/Bridge Programs Mowing and maintenance of 2,422.85 miles of ROW, on a 4-8 week cycle in high visibility or 8-10 weeks in rural areas Quarterly sweeping of curbed sections 425 miles of sidewalks and bike paths Maintenance of ditches, swales and drainage culverts Maintenance of 130 bridges, 3 bascule and over 150 box culverts 50.3 miles of handrail and guardrail maintenance and repair

22 Core Services Traffic Section Maintain over 96,000+ signs Refurbish annually 1,700 miles of pavement markings, 16,000 raised pavement markers and 1,000 intersections Operate and maintain 395 traffic signals Maintain county-wide database of crash statistics Prepare traffic data collection and prepare traffic studies Operate 15 hour per day coverage of Signal Operation Center Maintenance of 4,873 arterial street lights

23 Cutback/Reduction Options Use contracted services for design and construction of capital projects Reduce maintenance cycles throughout Not replace non regulatory signs Decrease staffing and hours of Signal Operations Center Reduce agreements with constitutional offices Eliminate staff support to committees (BPAC and RLAC) Arterial Street Lighting Landscaping

24 Enhanced Revenue Options Implement drainage utility Increase/expand toll system Increase permit fees Shift local option gas tax revenue from capital to fund O&M

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