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Internet Management Consultants and Solution Providers Outstanding CMS Projects Lessons from the Front Line.

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1 Internet Management Consultants and Solution Providers Outstanding CMS Projects Lessons from the Front Line

2 Introduction Introduction: Project in Context Understand the Business Strategy Maximise the Value of your Team Undertake Rigorous Planning and Preparation Manage the Change

3 Project in Context Project Entailed: Business case preparation and acceptance Solution analysis and acceptance Three month Government tender process for CMS Analysis, design and requirements for the Intranet Implementation of new CMS and supporting infrastructure Development phase for Intranet Business process redesign and implementation Content author training, content creation and publishing Change management and communications Three month implementation time

4 Understand the Business Drivers Business Drivers: Determine the strategy and its place in the organisation Directs project priorities and conflicts Basis for communication to stakeholders and management Consistency in the message Underlies change management effort Determine if there are secondary drivers and expectations Technology challenge - DM, Portal, Web CM, Enterprise CM Identify the technology that matches the need Ensure architecture and future IT consolidation are considered

5 The Hive “Working together across the business to share knowledge” Understand the Business Drivers

6 Maximise your Team Maximise the Value of your Project Team: Build a core committed team Ensure people are heard and their expertise recognised Listen and … listen again to your Marketing people Bore them with detail Keep your Infrastructure team involved Get your “risk factors” on side Involve your content authors early

7 Planning and Preparation Establish the Groundwork: Get everyone involved early Know your IT impacts and infrastructure requirements Communicate the interactions using workflows Understand your metadata requirements Map out the content structure “all the way down” Document your application requirements Make it concrete using grey lines

8 Planning and Preparation Site Map Primary Navigation Secondary and Tertiary Navigation Content Description Content Map Detailed Content Department Owner Content Author

9 Planning and Preparation Grey Lines Global Elements Navigation Page Format Business Logic Story Board Content authored versus template-driven elements Reference related documents

10 Planning and Preparation

11 Manage the Change Managing Change can’t be Secondary: Business initiative and experience owned by Marketing Technology capabilities owned by IT Find champions to build momentum Get support at the highest level Don’t let content be your downfall Build buy-in across the organisation Build a story and sense of anticipation among users

12 In Hindsight Lessons Learned: Move collaboratively to get acceptance on the strategy … and then on technology Enable collaborative solutions and decision making Design the customer experience with a user-centric approach Focusing on the detail paid off Introduce and underpin concepts so they are easily understood Simple tools have big impact Don’t allow change management to be secondary

13 Contacts Reignite is an Internet management consultancy and solution provider, dedicated to optimising your online channel via strategy, analysis and implementation of rich web-based applications and systems. The Reignite partners have been delivering leading client solutions to companies in Australia, UK, USA and Asia Pacific since the evolution of open system and Internet technologies. Reignite has consulting, sales, development and support locations in the UK and Australia. Lesley Bremner Bell Mobile:0407 901 177 Phone:(08) 9322 6306 Fax:(08) 9382 3324

14 Internet Management Consultants and Solution Providers Thank You

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