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Why Should I Get Involved in PBS KIDS Day in the Park?

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1 Why Should I Get Involved in PBS KIDS Day in the Park?

2 PBS KIDS Day in the Park Hosting an outdoor event promotes park usage to children and their families. The benefits of getting children outdoors and in parks. –Important for their mental, physical and emotional development –Children with time outdoors have less stress and longer attention spans –Creating lifelong environmental stewards Great local and national partnership opportunity with PBS KIDS and your local PBS Station. Highlight the great year-round programming of your park and recreation agency.

3 How do I Get Involved in PBS KIDS Day in the Park?

4 Getting Involved -- Contact Shelley O’Brien at NRPA – -- Access the toolkit which will be posted at under ‘PBS Kids’ starting in January -- Decide what, when and where your event will be. Feel free to use existing events, including Earth Day celebrations. -- PBS will email you a contact at your local PBS station. -- Event or a segment of your event should be in April 2012 and targeted to children ages 2 to 8 and their families. -- Send photos and stories to NRPA.

5 What Type of Events Could We Host?

6 Types of Events Scavenger Hunt in Park – All items needed would be found in nature. Family Fun Walks or Hiking Tours Visit Your Park Day Tree Planting in a local park Geocaching Family Bike Parade Free Environmental Educational Sessions – Naturalist, free day at nature centers. Recycling Events Parks Passport – Volunteers give stamps throughout the park Environmental Book Giveaway at a Park Fishing Tournament Existing Earth Day Celebrations

7 Promoting Park Activities to Parents Encourage children to watch for wildlife Go on a scavenger hunt. Draw a nature map of your local park. Picnic in the park Walk Running games -- ‘Hide and Seek’, ‘Red light/Green light’ or ‘Red Rover’. Create your own Olympic Games Make art from nature Promote your already scheduled classes and activities

8 America’s Backyard For this partnership NRPA will be using the America’s Backyard brand. This is the public-facing side of NRPA promoting conservation and saving parks across the United States. You can learn more at

9 You Contact for More Information Shelley R. O’Brien, CFRE Senior Manager 703-858-2156

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