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Plurals of nouns.

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1 Plurals of nouns

2 s a a cat a a a dog a a boy a girl To make plural form of nouns add
to most nouns a a two dog s dog a a cat s cat a s a four boy boy a a girl s girl

3 ducks duck

4 a baloon s baloon

5 es o, x, s, sh, ch. a a a a a Add to nouns ending in three potato es
fox fox es a dress three dress es a toothbrush toothbrush a watch six watch es

6 es If nouns end in a consonant y and add change i a baby Y, two babi
the lady the ladi es

7 a dictionary dictionari es a butterfly four butterflies

8 Be careful! Learn these plurals.
the child ren the child

9 mouse mice

10 Words with no singular tights
Some words in English have got only plural forms tights scissors jeans trousers

11 sheep sheep

12 a man men

13 a dish an address a tree a cit y a foot a story a horse a wife a woman
Make the words in plural. an address a tree a cit y a foot a story a horse a wife a woman a bus a wolf a tooth a match a knife a body a tomato a cherry a party a dish a potato an egg a beach

14 trees horses buses Check-up your answers cities addresses stories feet
women wives matches teeth wolves tomatoes knives bodies dishes parties cherries eggs beaches potatoes

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