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Your Job Skills Portfolio: Giving You an Edge in the Marketplace By Donna Herrington.

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1 Your Job Skills Portfolio: Giving You an Edge in the Marketplace By Donna Herrington

2 What is a Portfolio?  Job hunting tool  Gives employer complete picture of who you are ▪ Your experience ▪ Your education ▪ Your accomplishments ▪ Your skills

3 Types of Portfolios:  Traditional Portfolio: pieces of work that showcase your experience, accomplishments and talents put together in a three-ring binder.  Web-based Portfolio: a portfolio created by accessing space on an online website.

4 Before Creating Your Portfolio:  Collect pieces of work, certificates, awards, newspaper articles, etc.  Make a list of your accomplishments, skills.  Document community service/volunteering with dates and locations.

5 Before Creating Your Portfolio:  Take relevant pictures  Ask for letters of recommendations  Collect high school and college transcripts

6 Professional Portfolios should be in a three-ring binder  Need a table of contents  Use some kind of system to separate parts: tabs or dividers

7 What types of things go in a Portfolio?  Career Summary and Goals: description of what you stand for and where you see yourself in two to five years.  Professional Philosophy/Mission Statement: a short description of the guiding principles that drive and give you purpose.  Resume: summary of your education, accomplishments and work experience.

8 Include in a Portfolio:  Volunteering/Community Service: a description of any community service activities, volunteer or pro bono work you have completed.  References List: a list of three to five people who are willing to speak about your strengths, abilities, and experience. At least one reference should be a former manager.

9 Include in a Portfolio:  Transcripts, Degrees, Licenses, Certifications: a description of relevant courses, degrees, licenses, and certifications.  Professional Associations  Military Record Awards and Badges

10 Include in a Portfolio:  Awards and Honors: a collection of certificates of awards, honors and scholarships.  Conferences/Workshops: a list of conferences, seminars and workshops you’ve participated in.  Letters of Recommendations

11 Include in a Portfolio:  Skills, Abilities and Marketable Qualities: a detailed description of your skills and experience. detailed description of your skills and experience.  List of Accomplishments: a detailed list that highlights the major accomplishments in your life.  Samples of your work: a sampling of your best work, including reports, papers, studies, brochures, projects, presentations, etc.

12  Select the categories that best show off your talents and accomplishments.  Initial portfolio creation is time consuming but keeping it up-to-date is necessary and fairly easy.

13 After Completion:  Use in preparation for an interview  Use as a self-confidence builder  Use as a resource once employed in a job

14 Uses of Portfolio  Take it with you to all interviews  Use it as a tool to get a job  To showcase your talents  A tool to get a second interview

15 Additional Resources  ml ml ml   ortfolio.html ortfolio.html ortfolio.html

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