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Job Hunting Tamer G. Elshamy.

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1 Job Hunting Tamer G. Elshamy

2 Job Hunting Objective Settings Career/ Skills Development
Resume Preparation Vacancies Searching/ Hunting Resume Relevancy Rate Interviewing Skills Important Tips

3 Objective Setting Determine your Qualification/ Experiences
Do General Recruitment Market Research “ Available Related Career/ Jobs” Prioritize your Interests & Concentrate on Growth Industries  Set your Career Objectives in a Clear Way“ Based on Relevancy”

4 Career Development Phases Self Assessment (where you are)
Exploring Options (where you want to be) Developing Skills (how to get there) Performing (just do it) Career Planning Advocacy (CDC, CAPS) Sharpen and update your skills: Standard & Tailored Training Sessions Degrees & Certifications Workshops & Short Courses Seminars, conferences, webinar, online sessions.

5 Resume Preparation/Tips
Coverage letter “Summarize your backgrounds, qualification, and area of expertise to address its relevancy to the position you are applying for” … Not more than one page … Do not use a template cover letter/ be thoughtful ... Subjected to HR department … Scanning process gate

6 Interview- Winning Resume Tips
Think Like an Employer-  Make sure to use the keywords "digital Scanning” Pick the Right Length and Format-Typography Organized and Prioritize the Content Use Bullet Points-Summarized and Highlights Tailor/ Customize your Resume Update your Resume Regularly No Picture, Unless it is Requested

7 Name/ Contact Info. Professional Summary Career Objectives Work Experiences Education Backgrounds Professional Skills Certificates and/ or Workshops Awards & Memberships Extracurricular Activities Personal Data References, Recommendations, and Portfolio No Lies, Please Resume/ C.V

8 Resume Relevancy How is your resume/ qualification matches the position/ vacancy you are applying for. High Relevancy = high success rate Time factor/ short listed candidates Never give up/ Keep your positive attitude & Try Again

9 Vacancies Searching/ Hunting
Networking/ Referring “ personal relations ” Recruitment Agencies Internet” Co. Websites, Recruitment Webs, Professional Social Networks, Groups” Recruitment/ Job fairs Newspapers Announcements Consider Freelancing  Take a Temporary Position  Stay Positive and Never Give up

10 Interviewing process Scanning Call for setting Interview appointment
HR Interview Technical Interview Final Interview Thank- You Note Acceptance Notice/ Call Offer letter Signing the Contract

11 Interviewing Skills Practice Makes Perfect “Mock Interview”
Be on time, formal attire, and be fresh. Be good communicator, confident& keep eye contact Be specific, honest, and straight to the point Avoid badmouthing past employers Be ready by your strength and weak points Be ready with a successful story Be knowledgeable about the position& organization Be ready with general knowledge of related skills Have your history/dates in mind “application form” Ask about what you want to know at the end of the interview

12 Interviewing Tips Do not get bothered of waiting, sometimes it is a part of your interview Always be fresh , shiny, enthusiastic, and never show up tired, untidy, or show lack of interested. Be different, highlight your strength, trust your abilities, and sell yourself. Do not ask about salary during the interviewing process unless it is announced Ask for the next step timing, if it is not announced Ask for a Notice Period for x-employer “if needed”

13 Thank You We are searching for persons who are talented, have excellent personal skilled, have positive attitude, and able to learn.. not for those who are only full of knowledge .. Knowledge is easy to be acquired, but personal traits are NOT

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