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Carpet In Schools Shaw Product Support Group Cleaning and Maintenance An Important Part of Asset Management.

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1 Carpet In Schools Shaw Product Support Group Cleaning and Maintenance An Important Part of Asset Management

2 product care Advantages of Carpet in Schools  Improved safety – Helps prevent slips and falls  Increased comfort – Reduces leg fatigue  Better insulation – Warmer  Reduced noise - 10 times more efficient in reducing noise.

3 product care Advantages of Carpet in Schools  Provides non-glare surface to reduce reflection and eyestrain  Improved IAQ – Lower chemical emissions than most indoor furnishings. Traps allergens in the fiber/holds them until vacuumed  Costs less over time – Delivers lower life cycle costs

4 Product Selection Your First Consideration Match color depth and tone to local soil conditions Use multi-color or multi-tone for soil hiding in high traffic areas Use patterns for soil hiding Use dense construction for less crushing Use 100% solution dyed fiber where aggressive cleaning is required Use impermeable backings in extreme maintenance areas

5 Improper Color Specification There are no winners

6 The System Approach A Part of Asset Management Preventative Maintenance Education; Planning; Clean Surroundings; Proper Matting Interim Maintenance Appearance Improvement using Encapsulation Technology Extraction / Deep Cleaning High Performance Hot Water Extraction Proper Drying The System Daily Maintenance Proper Vacuuming Spot Removal

7 Scheduled Maintenance Program Critical Part of Asset Management

8 Permanent Loss of Appearance 700,000 foot traffics Proper Cleaning 700,000 foot traffics Improper Cleaning

9 Trained Professionals In the Cleaning Industry 1-800-835-4624

10 CRI Seal of Approval Choosing Proper Equipment and Cleaning Products The Carpet & Rug Institute - Seal of Approval Program: Cleaning Solutions Efficacy; re-soiling; pH; optical brighteners; colorfastness to light Vacuums Soil removal Dust containment Carpet fiber retention Deep Cleaning Extractors and Systems Soil removal Water removal Texture retention Platinum, Gold; Silver; & Bronze Rating

11 Walk-off Mats and Tiles The most exposure to soil and should be vacuumed once or twice daily Hard surfaces transition to carpet - soil on the hard surface can be walked onto the carpet

12 Matting and Walk-Off Tiles Keeps the Dirt Out Keep the dirt out! Clean parking lots and sidewalks Use properly sized, well placed mats to trap dirt Keep mats clean! Anticipate special situations with extra matting

13 Vacuuming Your Single Most Important Step 80 to 85% of dry soil can be removed by proper vacuuming The Single Most Important Task in Your Program!

14 Vacuum Cleaner Specifications Proper Equipment is Important Dual motor upright Rotating cylindrical brushes Top loading type Paper bag type filters High efficiency or micro- filtration rating Change bags when 1/2 to 2/3 full Certification in the CRI’s Seal of Approval Program are recommended

15 Vacuuming  Use uprights in entrances/high traffic  Back packs only in low traffic  Back packs great for under desks and tables

16 Spots and Spills Spots and Spills Response time to spots is critical for successful removal Scrape up solid matter Blot Work from outer edge of spot towards the center A spotting extractor is ideal or even a small wet/dry vac for rinsing Spots are the result of a contaminant on the carpet and can easily be removed with proper cleaning techniques

17 Follow Manufacturers Recommendations More Is Not Always Better

18 Re-soiling A Major Cause of Spots Returning

19 The Physics of Wicking Why Spots Return Spots Return for Only Two Reasons

20 Spot and Stain Removal Encapsulation Method Pre-spray with Encapsulation Solution Agitate Vacuum at next cycle Spotting Extractor Remove and flush spills Stains Stains alter the color of the carpet Require special attention

21 Encapsulation Technology Appearance Improvement Low moisture system Encapsulates soil to enable removal by vacuuming Many encapsulates are also used as traffic lane and spot cleaners Does not replace hot water extraction

22 Encapsulation Process Apply Encapsulation Chemistry and brush Twin Cylindrical Brush Agitates & Lifts Pile 20 Minute Dry Time 1500 -4,000 sq. ft. per hour Next Vacuum Cycle Labor Saving Quick Drying Thoroughly Pre-Vacuum

23 Deep Cleaning High Performance Hot Water Extraction Self Contained Walk Behind Extractor with Cylindrical Brush Portable Extractor Variable Pressure Pump Heater / Burner Self Contained High Recovery Rate and Maximum Efficiency

24 Hot Water Extraction Process Pre-vacuum thoroughly Pre-spray using a quality cleaning agent Agitation of cleaning solution into the carpet pile increases cleaning performance Allow ten minutes of dwell time Extract using high performance extraction equipment Speed dry

25 Hot Water Extraction - Drying Air Movement: Reduces drying time Quiet operation Carpets should be dry before traffic is allowed Continuous operation of HVAC reduces drying time

26 Just Say NO to Bonnet “Cleaner”

27 Customer Access Customer will receive Registration code, link and instructions which you sent at registration You can also give them the information by other methods such as in person or by personal email. They select New Registration which takes them to the self registration page. Customer First Time Access

28 Customer Creates Personal Login

29 Carpet Maintenance & Cleaning Thank You  Maximizing Your Carpet’s Appearance PLEDGE OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION M.A.C.

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