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The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon Chapter 54 (History Alive, pp 697- 707)

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1 The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon Chapter 54 (History Alive, pp 697- 707)

2 1. What controversy was Nixon caught up in 1952? Nixon was accused of taking $18,000 illegal contributions

3 2. What was the “Checkers” speech? ► Speech about a dog someone gave him, claimed it was only thing he did wrong (saying he did not take the $18,000)

4 3. During his 1968 campaign, what did Nixon claim himself a “champion of?” ► Champion of the ordinary man, paid taxes and loved their country

5 4. How did Nixon appeal to conservatives? ► Wanted to reduce the size of the federal government

6 5. How was he not successful in shrinking the federal government? ► He made more federal agencies, actually increasing the size of gov

7 6. What is OSHA, and what to they do? ► “Occupational Safety and Health Administration.” This government organization is in charge of protecting workers on the job.

8 7. What is the EPA, and what do they do? ► The Environmental Protection Agency protects the environment and human health

9 8. What did the Family Assistance Plan do? ► Supported families with minimal annual income

10 9. How was his record “mixed” on Civil Rights? ► He ran a campaign where he was going to put Southern judges in the Supreme Court and he wanted change the Voters Rights Act! He wanted to reduce federal oversight of the election process in the South!

11 10. What is stagflation? ► Unemployment is UP, Price$ are UP!

12 11. What happened to make “matters worse” in 1973? What did it lead to? ► Middle East stopped shipping oil to the US = Energy crisis!

13 12. How did Nixon attempt to open relations with China? ► Visited the communist nation, settling tensions

14 13. How did Nixon help US-Soviet Union relations? ► Lowered tensions with arms agreement (SALT-Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty)

15 14. What did SALT do? ► Limited the amount of nuclear weapons.

16 15. What happened in the Watergate Scandal? Nixon and his administration were caught wiretapping the democratic national headquarters

17 16. Who were the “plumbers” and what were they responsible for? ► Plumbers were responsible for stopping security ‘leaks’ in the administration.

18 17. What did White House counsel John Dean testify? ► Testified that Nixon was responsible for a cover-up in the Watergate break-in

19 18. What did the Senate Watergate committee subpoena? ► Wiretapping tapes

20 19. Why did Nixon resign? ► To avoid impeachment!

21 20. Who became president after Nixon resigned? ► Gerald Ford-the Rep. leader of the House of Representatives

22 21. What did Ford issue Nixon that September? ► Ford pardoned Nixon for any wrong doing in the Watergate scandal

23 22. Picture/caption page 706: What happened to the plumbers? ► They were sent to do jail time for their actions in the Watergate break-in (Nixon was pardoned). ► The Watergate incident put further distrust in Americans in government!

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