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Tour Into the Picture [TIP]. Outline Introduction TIP Multi-Perspective Modeling.

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1 Tour Into the Picture [TIP]

2 Outline Introduction TIP Multi-Perspective Modeling

3 Motivation Impressive results using the TIP technique TIP By Hoi Ng 1982

4 The TIP Technique


6 BackgroundForeground



9 Background ModelForeground with meshes


11 Motivation (cont.) Chinese landscape paintings Horizontal or vertical scrolls from Mustard Seed Garden Painting Manual, revised version by Ch’ao Hsun, 1887

12 Multiple Perspectives in Chinese Landscape Paintings Eye locations

13 Motivation (cont.) Panorama Compact representation Easy to produce Cost effective for virtual reality (VR)

14 Multi-Perspective Modeling (MPM) Solution: introduce local and global models; switch them smoothly TIP is not applicable for multi-perspective images: horizons at different levels multiple cavities Sub-scene 1 Sub-scene 2

15 MPM: Global Modeling Global model Rectangle Cylinder Sphere

16 MPM: Sub-scene Modeling Local model for a sub-scene A box model as in TIP Foreground objects as “billboards”

17 MPM: System Overview Rendering Record animation key- frames Render & output animation Generate smooth camera path Modeling Build billboards for foreground objects from mask Model back- ground using TIP interface Select a global model Pre-processing Prepare: Foreground mask Background image Digitize the input image Identify sub-scenes For each sub-scene

18 MPM: Model Switching Scene entry points

19 Panorama as Input Sub-scene 2 Sub-scene 1

20 MPM: Model Switching

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