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Implementing Consortium TAA-CCCT Grants November 15, 2011.

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1 Implementing Consortium TAA-CCCT Grants November 15, 2011

2 Topics for today’s webinar Consortium members Consortium Agreements Funding Mechanism Budgets Oversight

3 Consortium members All consortium members must be eligible applicants under SGA Lead institution signed grant agreement Grant is to consortium

4 Consortium Members cont’d All members must follow rules and requirements outlined in Grant Agreement, Uniform Administrative Requirements, and Federal Cost Principles

5 Role of the lead institution Lead institution has the award with DOL. They are: 1.the point of contact with DOL to receive and respond to all inquiries or communications under this grant; 2.the entity with the authority to withdraw or draw down funds through PMS; 3.responsible for submitting to all deliverables under the grant, including all technical and financial reports related to the project, regardless of which consortium member performed the work;

6 Role of lead cont’d Lead institution is the entity: 4) that may request or agree to a revision or amendment of the grant agreement or modification to the statement of work; 5) with overall responsibility for carrying out the programmatic functions of the grant, as well as for the stewardship of all expenditures under the grant; and 6) responsible for working with DOL to close out the grant.

7 Consortium Agreements Comprised of a signed letter, agreement, or Memorandum of Understanding and submitted with proposal (pg. 12) Attached to SOW – part of Grant Award Contain funds and activities for each member

8 Agreement Content Goals and activities for which each consortium member will be responsible Amount of funds and activities for which each member will be responsible; Commitment of all consortium members to provide the lead institution all information needed to meet the reporting requirements of the grant.

9 Funding Mechanism Consortium agreement serves as the funding mechanism Funds can be transmitted to consortium members per consortium agreement – WARNING: All grant funds must be spent in accordance with rules and requirements in Grant Agreement Preapprovals Allowable costs Appropriate procurement

10 Budgets Consortium members costs should be included on SF424A line items (personnel, equipment, etc), NOT contractual line Budgets breakouts needed for each consortium member to monitor against

11 Indirect Costs Both amount and rate for each consortium member should be identified in the budget narrative Budget narratives reflect indirect and direct costs for each institution Lead institution ensures that rates are not exceeded SF424A must reflect indirect cost total for all consortium members

12 Administrative Cost Cap 10 % limit applies against the total grant amount and is attributable to the consortium as a whole – Consortium members must track and report indirect and direct administrative costs Encourage administrative costs for each consortium member to be listed in budget breakout

13 Sub-grant Prohibition Consortium members must follow subgrant prohibition May award subcontracts, but must be true subcontracts (Attachment A to SGA) – General purpose, – Programmatic functions, and – Responsibilities that the grantee gives to the other organization along with grant funds

14 Grant Partners Required to have at least one employer partner Consultation with workforce system Letter(s) of commitment from employers

15 Partner funding Grant funds can only be given to grant partners through sub contracts Activities in contract must be appropriate for a contract not a grant

16 Oversight Lead institution has stewardship responsibility for all expenditures under the grant – Must have policies and procedures in place around tracking and reporting of funds by consortium members

17 Oversight cont’d Oversight will use SF 424A and budget breakouts – Lead institution – ETA ETA will monitor through quarterly progress reports (fiscal and programmatic) and may conduct onsite monitoring of lead institution and other consortium members

18 Questions??

19 Preview: Next Webinar November 16 Subgrants vs. Subcontracts and how to procure – Review of sub grant prohibition – Overview of subcontracts and procurement requirements

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