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1 Subgrants vs. Subcontracts TAA-CCCT Grants November 16, 2011.

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1 1 Subgrants vs. Subcontracts TAA-CCCT Grants November 16, 2011

2 2 Topics for today’s webinar Review of Subgrant prohibition Subrecipients and Subgrants Vendors and Subcontracts Agreement types

3 3 Subgrant Prohibition Grantees do not have authority under this program to award sub-grants (pg. 22 of SGA) – Consortium members are not subgrants May award subcontracts, but must be true subcontracts (Attachment A to SGA) – General purpose, – Programmatic functions, and – Responsibilities that the grantee gives to the other organization along with grant funds

4 4 Subgrants vs. Subcontracts Subgrant: An award of financial assistance in the form of money, made under a grant by a grantee to an eligible subgrantee. Subcontract: An agreement, purchase order, or any legal instrument issued to a third party the subcontractor, calling for the performance of a defined piece or work or production and/or delivery or specified goods and services.

5 5 Subgrants vs. Subcontracts Distinction between sub-grants vs. subcontracts based on: – General Purpose – Focus – Recipient Responsibility

6 6 Subrecipient vs. Vendor Distinction between subrecipient and vendor based on: – Use of funds to carry out program goals – Provision of good and services – Applicability of Federal grant management requirements & rules Sub-recipients must follow such rules & vendors do not Discussed in OMB Circular A-133 Section 210

7 7 Determines which participants are eligible for Federal assistance Performance measured against objectives of the program Programmatic decision making Adheres to Federal program compliance requirements Uses funds to carry out a program as compared to providing goods or services for a program of the pass-through entity Subrecipients

8 8 Subgrant Type of document needed to establish subrecipient relationship PROHIBITED SUB GRANT

9 9 Contract to provide goods, supplies and/or services as part of normal business operations Does not directly support goals of grant; ancillary to the operation of the program Does not have programmatic decision making authority Not subject to program compliance requirements Subject to procurement regulations Vendors

10 10 Subcontracts Type of document used to establish vendor relationship

11 11 Agreement Types - Goods Sub grants – Not applicable Subcontracts – Purchase Order – Requisition – Example: lab equipment

12 12 Agreement Types - Services Sub grant: Prohibited – Example: a subgrant to and organization giving them authority to develop a deliverable under the statement of work on behalf of grantee Subcontract: – Individual services Faculty to develop curricula under grant – Professional Industry consultant/subject matter expert Audit firms Software development – Personal services

13 13 Individual Services Contracts Independent contractor and casual employee services When a fee or honorarium paid Non-employees for services performed Current employees for services not related to their appointments

14 14 Professional services contracts Professional Services defined in 2 CFR 220, Appendix A, #37 Consultants, members of particular profession or possess a special skill Not officers or employees of grantee institution

15 15 Cost Reimbursement Contract Work is done BEFORE costs are funded Costs specified in contract budget Requires upfront capitol from contractor Advances may be used

16 16 Fixed Price Contracts Specified amount for work performed Payment options vary Purchase Order is example

17 17 Cost plus fixed fee Reimbursement for actual costs Fixed fee for profit or fee paid performance – Fee negotiated as a dollar amount

18 18 Cost plus percentage of costs UNALLOWABLE contract type under government grants

19 19 A Word About Funded Partners Grant funds can only be given to grant partners through sub contracts Activities in contract must be appropriate for a contract not a grant

20 20 Questions??

21 21 Follow up questions More details on proper procurement: – Introduction to Procurement online training cial Contact your FPO to discuss your SOW and whether work is a subgrant or subcontract and the appropriate procurement vehicle

22 22 Coming in 2012 Financial Reporting Intellectual Property Monitoring

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