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Welcome To: Beaverton School District Scholarship Information Night Hosted by Aloha High School.

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1 Welcome To: Beaverton School District Scholarship Information Night Hosted by Aloha High School

2 Understanding “The Basics” What is a scholarship? A scholarship is an offering of FREE MONEY based on a set of student skills or qualifications. Where do scholarships come from?  The academic institution (college/university)  Community organizations/businesses  Private sponsors/donors

3 MORE BASICS  Career and College Major  Institutional (from college)  High School Specific  Clubs & Associations  Merit  Businesses  Ethnicity, Race, & Gender  Military  Community Organizations  Employers  Credit Unions & Banks  Personal & Family Status  Competitions & Essays What types of scholarships are out there?

4 GETTING STARTED Where should I look for scholarships?  The College & Career Center at your high school  Your High School Website and other school websites!  Financial aid offices at your school of choice (or their websites)  Scholarship resource books at libraries or HS College & Career Center  Community Service & civic organizations (Rotary, Elks Club, etc.)  Area employers and retailers  Free Websites (Fast Web, FinAid, etc)  Career Information System of Oregon…CIS  OSAC- Oregon Student Assistance Commission  Facebook!  Google, Google, Google!!!

5 Oregon University System Scholarships for the Oregon University System can be found on their websites. Look on their scholarship page and/or their financial aid page. AND On their foundation websites!!!

6 GETTING ORGANIZED GETTING ORGANIZED Starting a “Scholarship File” What goes in a “Scholarship File?”  Activities and Awards Sheet (OSAC activities sheet)  Essays Written  Official and Unofficial Transcripts  SAT/ACT Scores  Letters of Recommendation  Any other document highlighting something about you, such as published works.

7 SCHOLARSHIP TIPS $An application submitted on time $General qualification, criteria, and completeness $Community volunteer involvement $Leadership & Personal Development $Extracurricular Activities $Applicant’s personal situation $The Essay $References & Recommendations $Grade Point Average (GPA) $SAT & ACT Scores Top 10 things scholarship committees look at:

8 MORE SCHOLARSHIP TIPS  Always make a copy of your application  Be honest about your grades, test scores, experiences, memberships, qualifications, etc.  Follow instructions CAREFULLY, including word limits on essays.  Strictly observe deadlines, and send in applications early if possible.  Proofread, and let at least one other person read your application (including essays).  Be creative about presenting yourself. Your essay and application represents you and should set you apart.  Follow up to ensure your application was received.  Send thank you n0tes to everyone who helped you.

9 Scholarship Websites m

10 A Word About SCAMS…. PHRASES WE WOULD CONSIDER “RED FLAGS”  “The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.”  “You can’t get this information anywhere else.”  “I just need your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship”  “We’ll do all the work.”  “The scholarship will cost money.”  “You’ve been selected” by a “National foundation” to receive a scholarship.  “You’re a finalist!” or “You’ve won!” (before you’ve applied)  “First come, first served.”  “Millions of dollars go unclaimed.”

11 FINAL WORDS To Students: Winning Scholarships is not easy! You are asking someone to give you a lot of money! Give it your best effort! Do your best work! Set a goal of how many scholarships you will apply for. Get organized and pace yourselves. Parents: Remember--the students who are the most qualified to win scholarships are also the busiest! You can help out by searching, organizing, and gently reminding your students about due dates.


13 Beaverton School District College Financial Planning Night November 13th, 7:00pm @ Westview And FAFSA/Financial Aid Night December 4th, 7:00pm @ Sunset DON’T MISS IT!!!!!!!

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