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The APS & Psychology Students

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1 The APS & Psychology Students

2 The APS Largest Australian professional organisation for psychologists Represents >21,000 members A long and proud history of advocating for psychology to improve the psychological health of Australians Provides guidance and support to its members The work and research of APS psychologists collectively benefits hundreds of thousands of Australians Committed to the next generation of psychologists

3 What is the PsyBA? The Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) is the government- appointed regulatory body for psychologists and a separate organisation from the APS. PsyBA functions include: Registration of psychologists and provisional psychologists Handling notifications, complaints, investigations and disciplinary hearings Setting registration requirements

4 APS Student Subscribers Student Subscribers of the APS are entitled to a large range of exclusive personal and professional benefits. Join online – instant access to member-only content Up to 15 mths membership for the price of 12* $85 if you join for the 2015/16 year Free copy of the APS Code of Ethics and the Ethical Guidelines booklets (normally $90 for non-members) * If you join between 11 February and 31 May 2015. See APS website for more details.

5 Student member benefits A large range of APS student members benefits, including: Keeping you informed of latest developments Free journal subscription Discounted rates for conferences, workshops and events Access to member-only professional and ethical resources EQIP: the APS online database of evidence- based practitioner tools and resources

6 Study and career support The APS provides a range of resources and information to guide students on their career journeys, including: APS Psych Student HQ - career and study information, including “AskAPS” and Psychologists’ StoriesPsychologists’ Stories Psych Student HQ Facebook page Twitter and LinkedIn Range of APS awards, grants and scholarships

7 Networking The APS fosters an active psychology community through: Social media Student mentoring events APS conferences 9 APS Colleges 40 APS Branches 45 APS Interest Groups These networks enable student members to connect with one another, and registered psychologists, researchers and more.

8 Benefits for new graduates... Reduced APS membership fees for early career psychologists (save up to 50%) Discounted Professional Indemnity Insurance for registered members PsychXchange jobs website and tailored email notifications Continued financial and professional commitment to newly graduated psychologists, offering support through:

9 Benefits for new graduates (cont.)... Find a suitable supervisor through the College Supervisors Directory Access to member directories for networking and peer consultation Member rates for CPD workshops, elearning and conferences to help meet CPD requirements for registration Access to the APS online CPD logging tool AskAPS phone and email advice service

10 Enhancing community wellbeing: recent APS accomplishments Provision of valuable psychological assistance and resources in preparation for, and recovery from, bushfires, floods and cyclones in conjunction with Federal/State Governments and the Red Cross Leading role in supporting improvements in Indigenous mental health and wellbeing

11 Supporting the community The APS is committed to promoting the contribution psychology makes to people's health and wellbeing through: Find a Psychologist Service Client tip sheets & resources Community awareness campaigns such as National Psychology Week Submissions to government, position statements and literature reviews on issues of community concern Advocacy & media campaigns in support of community access to psychology services

12 The APS has a mission. “to advance the discipline and profession of psychology for the benefit of members and the communities they serve” So join us in our mission today @

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