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Business Letters . . . .a how to!.

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1 Business Letters a how to!

2 Going to Cover Memorandums Paragraph Formats Letters

3 What are Memorandums? A memorandum is a short message from one person to another in the same business or organization. Memorandums are usually referred to as memos. Memos have no salutation line and no signature area at the end.

4 Memo Heading The formal memorandum uses a special heading, sometimes preprinted on stationery. Typically, words in the memo heading are keyed in ALL CAPS, bold, followed by a colon, and double spaced as follows: TO: (Reader’s name) FROM: (Author’s name) DATE: (Complete and current date) SUBJECT: (What the memo is about)

5 Example Memo TO: Mr. Smith FROM: Ms. Wallace DATE: 5/28/2008 SUBJECT: This is to inform you that your evaluation will be finished by the end of the week. At this time we will meet to go over the information we have.

6 Types of Letters Personal—Business Letter
A personal-business letter is a letter that is sent from an individual to a person or business/organization. Business Letter A business letter is sent from a business or organization to another or to an individual. Business letters are usually keyed on letterhead. The letterhead can consist of the business’ name, address, phone/fax/ , and logo.

7 Paragraph Formats Block style – all lines of text are aligned with the left margin the first line of a paragraph is not indented commonly used when formatting letters and memos Example: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Indented – the first line of a paragraph is indented use the Tab key to indent paragraphs commonly used when formatting reports Example: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

8 Paragraph Formats Hanging indent – a temporary left margin that indents all lines except the first line of text the first line is flush with the left margin; each additional line is indented commonly used when citing bibliography sources Example: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

9 Punctuation Styles Mixed Punctuation Open Punctuation Dear Mr. Wilson:

10 Major Parts of a Letter Return Address-the address of the person writing the letter. Letterhead if the letter is from a business. Dateline-Complete and current date. Letter Address/Inside Address-the address of the person receiving the letter. Salutation-the greeting of the letter. Example: Dear Sir or Madam: Body-the message of the letter. Complimentary Close-the ending of the letter. Example: Sincerely yours, Keyed Name-the authors typed name. Handwritten Signature-the author signs the letter after it has been printed. Typist Initials-initials of the typist.

11 Formatting – IMPORANT!!! Top Margin – 2” Right Margin – 1”
Left Margin – 1” Bottom Margin - 1”

12 Example Letter 10 Parts of a letter: Return Address Letterhead
Current Date (QS) ACME Mortgage 123 Main St Winterville, NC 28590 (DS) Ladies and Gentlemen: On October 24, 2008 we received great news regarding the This is great news because of Sincerely, Chris Young cy Enclosures: Award Letter 10 Parts of a letter: Return Address Letterhead Dateline Letter Address/Inside Address Salutation Body Complimentary Close Keyed Name Handwritten Signature Typist Initials

13 Notes to Remember! A personal business letter is correspondence sent from an individual to a person or organization. A business letter is correspondence sent from a business to another business or to an individual. Because letterhead stationery is used, the return address is not keyed. The top margin is usually 2“, side and bottom margins are typically 1". Block format is one style of writing for personal-business and business letters in which all parts of the letter begin at the left margin. Typist initials are the initials of the typist and are used when someone other than the writer prepares the letter. Lowercase letters are used, with no space, and with no punctuation, appearing a double space below the signature. Enclosure/Attachment and Copy notations appear a double space below the typist initials.

14 Let’s See What You Remember
Top Margin – _____ Right Margin – _____ Left Margin – _____ Bottom Margin – ____

15 Let’s See What You Remember

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