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E-Safety Support e-Safety Presentation D Flynn and L Findon.

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1 e-Safety Support e-Safety Presentation D Flynn and L Findon

2 e-Safety Support Aims of this presentation Explain why e-Safety is important How do we address e-Safety in school What you can do to help keep your child safe at home Any questions or worries you may have

3 e-Safety Support Not just a computer… PC Laptops Mobile phones iPads or other tablets iPods Games consoles – Playstation, Xbox, Wii, Dsi TV Watches

4 e-Safety Support What do we use the internet for? ParentsChildren Shopping Browsing Listening to music Social media i.e. Facebook Video calling Chat Gaming File sharing Photo sharing Browsing Downloading Social media i.e. Facebook Video calling Blogging Presenting

5 e-Safety Support When do children use the internet? Usage at school – Supervised – Block inappropriate sites – Constantly reminded about how to stay safe online How and when is the internet used at home?

6 e-Safety Support What are your children doing online? Discuss with your children what they are doing online Checking your child’s internet history Keep all of your children’s passwords and check accounts regularly Be aware that some children will know how to clear this history

7 e-Safety Support Viewing History in Internet Explorer

8 e-Safety Support Viewing History in Internet Explorer

9 e-Safety Support Constant Supervision This is not always possible but help by… Keep home computer in a family space Keep game consoles that are online in a family area Try to keep tablet usage to family areas

10 e-Safety Support Age Restrictions Games and Films have age restrictions Try to use this guidance

11 e-Safety Support Social Media Facebook – For use by people over the age of 13 – Facebook assumes that parents monitor their childs account – Discuss safe use with your child – Ensure you are your child’s Facebook Friend – Make sure you have access to their account – Username and Password

12 e-Safety Support Facebook Privacy settings – YOUR Facebook settings You need to check your settings, photos and status updates may automatically be shared with everyone or friends may be able to share your files – Children’s settings If your child is set up as a child (13 -18 years) some content is blocked by Facebook Ensure privacy settings are correct

13 e-Safety Support Uploading Photos Once it is uploaded it CANNOT be deleted from the internet. Think before you upload

14 e-Safety Support Once uploaded this photo can be stored on your friends computers. Even if you remove the photo from the online profile, your friend will still have it saved. This photo can then be edited or put online by them. Their friends can then download. Once online you have no control over the photo/comment.

15 e-Safety Support Online Friends? You teach your children not to talk to strangers in the the real world Children need to understand not to talk to strangers online – this world is still real! People hide behind online profiles – you don’t know who you are talking to

16 e-Safety Support Just to make us think…

17 e-Safety Support e-Safety guidelines Try to supervise your child online Tell your child to turn off the monitor if they see something that worries or scares them Stress the importance of not talking to strangers online Tell your children not to share personal details online

18 e-Safety Support Acceptable Use Policy

19 e-Safety Support Acceptable Use Policy

20 e-Safety Support Internet Providers can help… Your internet provider will help you keep your child safe by blocking content and files. Take a leaflet with phone numbers you can call for advice

21 e-Safety Support Online help at home

22 e-Safety Support Constant reminders… Just like crossing the road… – Remind the children all of the time – Constant supervision of your child

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