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General Planning and Annexations Key principles, background and processes Dh 2005.

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1 General Planning and Annexations Key principles, background and processes Dh 2005

2 History of General Planning in Scottsdale 1960-61 plans developed by Maricopa County (land use, major streets) 1965 STEP Forum leads to 1967 Eisner Comprehensive General Plan (first in the state, lists of ideas) 1976 Northeast Area Plan (NEAP) (first by staff, major planning concepts and structure) 1981 General Plan update (format for 20 years)

3 1984-86 Scottsdale & Tonto Foothills Plans (newly annexed areas) 1985 Downtown Plan 1989 General Plan update (incorporate city onto one map) 1996 CityShape 2020 (citizens oversight group) 2001 General Plan update (Growing Smarter, re-format)

4 What is a General plan? It encapsulates community vision and values It is policy direction (it is not regulatory) It is a guide to land use (zoning) decisions It is expected to change in vision, scope, direction and components as the community changes (periodic updates)

5 What regulates General Plans? State laws Growing Smarter Required elements Periodic updates Ratification by the voters Major amendment process Court decisions State courts Federal courts

6 What is in Scottsdale’s General Plan? 12 Elements (including more than required by State) Character & Design Land Use Economic Vitality Community Involvement Housing Neighborhoods Open Space & Recreation Preservation and Environmental Planning Cost of Development Growth Areas Public Services & Facilities Community Mobility

7 6 Guiding Principles Preserve meaningful open space Enhance neighborhoods Support economic vitality Seek sustainability Advance Transportation Value Scottsdale’s unique lifestyle and character

8 Major amendment criteria Statements of conditions Goals and approaches Plans

9 Are there other related general planning policies? Area plans – specific portions of the city / some adopted but others are advisory / Cactus Corridor, East Shea, Black Mountain, Downtown General policies – Public Involvement / Land Assemblages / Annexations / Golf Courses / Scenic Corridors

10 What is an Annexation? An increase (or decrease) in the area that falls within the jurisdiction of the city (affects laws, services, taxes and fees) It is not the purchase of the land by the city It can also apply to school districts

11 What is the Process for Annexations? Petition by the property owners Analysis by staff (values, costs, impacts) Acceptances by the Council Notice and hearings Review and approvals by the county and State Lands

12 What rules apply? State Laws Majority of both the assessed property value and property owners Limitations on the length vs. the width Specific processes

13 How has annexation occurred over time in Scottsdale? Town incorporated in 1951 as 1 square mile 1957-67 many annexations Rivalry with Phoenix and Tempe Up to Deer Valley Road 67 square miles North east area in 1975 (89 square miles)

14 City doubled in size 1982-84 (184 square miles) City actually decreased in size during part of the 1990s SRPMIC Fountain hills Potential areas of future annexation County island Rio Verde No active interest on the part of the city

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