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University Trade School Community College o Valuable Source of Information o Helpful web sites and more specific information links o Available to all.

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2 University Trade School Community College

3 o Valuable Source of Information o Helpful web sites and more specific information links o Available to all students on The Corona HS web site @ or in the Career Center (J-1)

4 FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid If you do not complete and submit the FAFSA you will not be eligible for grants, work-study or federal loans

5 Money that is supplied by outside sources to help pay for the cost of an education beyond high school Sources The Federal Government State Government Private Companies & Organizations School you attend after High School

6 Grants- Free Money does not need to be paid back Loans- Low interest money must be paid back with interest, usually after school has been completed Work Study- On or off campus job provided by school, money used for tuition and school fees Scholarships- Available from various sources. Web sites, scholarship handbook,parents work place and J-1 good place to start looking

7 Non Need Based Aid Also known as Merit-Based Aid, given to students with special skills, talents, or academic ability and is competitive in nature Need-Based Aid Given to students who do not have sufficient resources to pay for an education. 80% of full-time students receive some form of Need-Based Aid

8 Cost of Attendance (COA) - Expected Family Contribution (EFC) = Amount of Financial Aid

9 Cost of Attendance (COA) What will it cost to attend chosen school: Tuition, fees books, room and board and transportation cost Expected Family Contribution (EFC) A measure of a family’s financial strength. How much of family’s financial resources can be used for education. The (EFC) is calculated from the information reported on the FAFSA


11  Have a high school diploma or its equivalent  Enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate program  Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen  Have a valid Social Security Number  Register with the Selective Services (if you are a male between the ages of 18 and 25)  Continue to make satisfactory academic progress


13 Information for Cal Grants comes from FAFSA. FAFSA must be submitted to be eligible for a Cal Grant or any other Government Financial Aid. Must submit GPA Verification Form by March 2 nd Forms may be picked up and dropped off in J-1 Students must attend a California school, including most Career/Technical Schools and complete high school with a minimum GPA of 3.0 for a Cal Grant A and a 2.0 for Cal Grants B & C. Information on all Cal Grants at

14 Available At FAFSA worksheets available in the Career Center (J-1) Deadlines January 1 st – March 2 nd Information Needed W-2 Forms, parents Income Tax Return, current bank statements, any records of stocks, bonds or other investments and alien reg. number (if not a U.S. citizen)

15   Instantly determines type of Financial Aid Estimates the Financial Aid amount Reduces the time to complete the FAFSA Allows you to transfer all of FAFSA4caster to actual FAFSA form Provides option to apply for Student Aid PIN c

16 FAFSA is the most important aspect of Financial Aid FAFSA submitted between January 1 and March 2 FAFSA4caster excellent tool Four to six weeks after submitting FAFSA will receive Student Aid Report (SAR) Cal Grant GPA Verification Form available in J-1 from January 1 st to March 2 nd

17 o Free money does not need to be paid back o Compete with other students, competitive in nature o Originate from government agencies, schools, companies,organizations, and private individuals o Regional, National & Local Scholarships available o Apply to as many as you are eligible for o Scholarships & Information on scholarships are in J-1, online and on Corona HS web site @

18 o Listen to announcements, review Scholarship Book in J-1, check online and the “Helpful Web Sites” page o Read requirements and eligibility-If you do not meet the requirements Do Not Apply o If you do qualify, complete as many applications as possible

19 o A number of Local Scholarships are available to Corona HS Students o Best chance of receiving, competing only with Corona Norco Students, most cases Corona HS Students only o Apply for as many as you are Eligible for o Information on local scholarships and procedures @

20 o Complete Application (handbook) o Write 1-page Personal Essay (handbook) o Copy of your Transcript (complete Transcript Request Form from the Career Center J-1) o Collect Two Letters of Recommendation (brag sheet found in handbook)

21 o Two Letters of Recommendation are Required o Complete Personal Data Form (brag sheet) found in Handbook o Choose an Individual who knows you well, and is able to personalize Letter of Recommendation o Allow at least 1 week for completion of letter

22 o Make 9 copies of your Application, Essay, Transcript, and Letters of Recommendation o 3-Hole Punch and Paper-Clip papers in this order; -List of Scholarships you applied for -Application -Personal Essay -Transcript -Letters of Recommendation *You will now have 9 packets

23 o All 9 Scholarship Packets plus One List of Scholarships applied for are due in J-1 (Career Center) no later than 3:00pm on Thursday, February 11, 2010 No Exceptions

24  The Scholarship Committee and Local Scholarship Organizations make their decisions  Scholarships that require interview, take place April & May  All Scholarship Winners notified Monday, June 7 th Corona High School Senior Awards Night Best Of Luck!

25 o Know Your Options o Get The Information o Listen To Announcements and visit the Career Center o Be Organized o Avoid Scholarship Scams (never pay for scholarship information) * Be Aware Of Deadlines


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