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UNM-Valencia Financial Aid. What Is Financial Aid? Scholarships Grants Loans Student Employment opportunities.

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1 UNM-Valencia Financial Aid

2 What Is Financial Aid? Scholarships Grants Loans Student Employment opportunities

3 Financial Aid is Available… from the following: Federal government State of New Mexico University of New Mexico Tribal agencies Scholarships

4 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)  File the FAFSA on the Web at:  UNM’s priority filing date is March 1 st

5 To complete the FAFSA you will need: Social Security Number Taxed and Untaxed Income Family information File your taxes as early as possible You may use estimated tax information to meet the priority date

6 Cost of Attendance Tuition and Fees Room and Board Books and Supplies Transportation Miscellaneous Costs vary between universities

7 Expected Family Contribution EFC is a term used in the college financial aid process in the United States to determine an applicant's eligibility for federal student aid. You can find your EFC on the Student Aid Report that is mailed to you after you complete your FAFSA.

8 What is Financial Need? Cost of attendance minus Expected family contribution equals “Financial need”

9 Dependent student living with parent Dependent student living off campus Independent student living Off campus Tuition & Fees1562 Room & Board285879489058 Books & Supply1064 Transportation1660 1792 Miscellaneous186030443286 Total$8756$13846$15474 UNM VC Undergraduate Budget 2014/2015

10 Scholarships Eligibility requirements vary May require FAFSA Deadlines and application procedures vary Where can I find scholarships? Internet: Scholarship Office Check with your tribal higher education office

11 Grants Does not have to be paid back Usually awarded on the basis of financial need Federal Pell Grant Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) State Student Incentive Grant (SSIG) UNM Legislative Grants

12 Loans Money students and parents borrow to help pay educational expenses. Repayment usually begins six months after graduation Subsidized Stafford Unsubsidized Stafford Parent Loan (PLUS)

13 Student Employment Workstudy (Need & No-Need) Requires FAFSA Student Employment No FAFSA needed Allows students to earn money to help pay educational costs

14 Student Employment Website

15 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Federal regulations require that students maintain satisfactory academic progress. 2.0 Cumulative GPA 67% Completion Average 150% of Required Degree Hours

16 Bridge to Success Scholarship Complete a FAFSA- Must be Non Pell Grant Eligible Be a New Mexico resident Graduated from a NM Public (or accredited private) high school or a NM GED recipient Enrolled full-time at the UNM-Valencia Campus Must have a 2.5 GPA or 166 on GED Awarded first semester of attendance only

17 Legislative Lottery Scholarship Pays tuition only Begins 2 nd semester No application required Requirements: NM Resident Received a NM high school diploma or NM GED Full-time student (12credit hours) Minimum 2.5 GPA NOTE: Lottery is only available for 3 semesters at UNM-Valencia and repeated courses are not considered in the required 12 credit hours.

18 UNM-Valencia Financial Aid Website

19 LoboWeb Enter LoboWeb through

20 Self-Service - LoboWeb

21 Keeping Track of your Aid Lifetime Pell Grant Eligibility Loan Eligibility National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)

22 Important Web Sites Financial Aid Scholarships Loan Counseling and Promissory notes FAFSA on the Web


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