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Altadena CSD Committee Commercial Recommendations.

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1 Altadena CSD Committee Commercial Recommendations

2 Objective/Intent Make the commercial districts in Altadena more active and vibrant to create more options for Altadena residents to work, shop and dine in Altadena. Encourage the return to Altadena’s traditional pedestrian oriented retail environment Streamline approval process for appropriate uses in the commercial retail zoned (C1, C2, C3) areas, discourage inappropriate industrial uses in the retail districts Streamline approval process for industrial uses we want to encourage in the commercial manufacturing zoned (CM) areas Create a uniform standard across all commercial districts in Altadena

3 Key Issues to Address A.Encourage Diversity of Architecture B.Encourage Pedestrian oriented retail C.Encourage Mixed Use D.Increase Visibility of Altadena Businesses through better Signage Standards E.Encourage Restaurants & Outdoor Dining F.Higher Maintenance Requirements of Vacant Commercial Property G.Create Appropriate Buffers Between Commercial & R-1 Properties H.Simplify & Standardize Commercial Standards to promote Business Equally in All Commercial Areas of Altadena

4 Commercial Zones Present in Altadena C-1– Restricted Business 35’ Height Limit 20’ Set Back C-2– Neighborhood Business 35’ Height Limit 0’ Set Back C-3 – Unlimited Commercial 13 x Floor Area Ratio 0’ Set Back C-M – Commercial Manufacturing M-1 – Heavy Manufacturing – (Only 1 M-1 property in Altadena)


6 Levels of Review & Approval In Orders of Difficulty & Cost (Lowest to Highest) Plot Plan Directors Review Directors Review - Yard Modification Directors Review - CSD Modification Minor CUP CUP


8 Diversity of Architecture Increase Height Limit for mixed use properties from 35 ft. to 48 ft. – Residential buffers and other requirements still apply Reduce required Architectural Elements from 5 to 3 – Currently Includes Arcading, Arches, Awnings, Balconies, Bay windows, Colonnades, Courtyards, Decorative exterior stairs, Decorative iron fences Decorative iron grilles, Outdoor dining, Plazas, Recessed upper floor loggias or pergolas, Tile or masonry fountains. – Add Benches & Planters to make more pedestrian friendly

9 Diversity of Architecture Permit a wider variety of building colors & wall finishes in line with Altadena’s historically eclectic architecture – Currently limited to Mediterranean style – CSDs can not provide Design Review of buildings An Example of a Remodel Under current CSD Historic Building

10 Encourage Pedestrian Oriented Retail Discourage Self Storage, Auto Service and other industrial uses in the Retail Zones – These uses deaden the pedestrian retail energy Redirect the industrial uses into Commercial Manufacturing (CM) zoned areas and streamline approval of these uses

11 Encourage Pedestrian Oriented Retail Parking – No On-site parking required for new retail uses under 5000 sq. ft. & New Restaurants with seating under 40 persons – Existing Structures exempt from additional parking requirements – Off-street parking of oversize vehicles not permitted in retail zones but still allowed in CM zones Reduce requirements for Art Gallery & Antique Malls to Directors Review Revise list of permitted uses for C-1, C-2, C-3 zones

12 Mixed Use Permit Mixed Use buildings in C-2 & C-3 Increase height limit for mixed use to permit 4 stories Permit Live Work Uses in C-1, C-2, C-3 Residential buffers and other requirements still apply

13 Signage Unify Signage Rules Allow the following signs – Wall – Window – Awning Sign – Directory Signs – Signs on Architectural Projections – Second Floor Window Signs – Second Floor Awning Signs – A Frame Signs aka Sandwich boards, max 60” high and 36” wide – Monument Signs No change to window coverage, temporary signage, or banner rules

14 Restaurants & Outdoor Dining Reduce Alcohol Permit for Restaurants to Minor CUP – Same Restrictions & Conditions as current CUP language – Still requires public notice, ABC Licensing, etc. – Reduces cost & processing time Outdoor Dining on Private Property Permitted without any permits & fees – Same restrictions on noise and hours as existing county code for outdoor dining on public right of way (sidewalks)

15 Vacant Commercial Property Define Temporary fences to be allowed for 1 year or during active construction Require a permanent fence after 1 year, and must conform to county code

16 Adjacent Commercial & Residential Properties Limit Hours of Operation Noise & Lighting Shields – Shield on parking lot lights adjacent to residential zoned properties Drive-Thru – Unify requirements across Altadena – If adjacent to residential zoned properties require a CUP, with cleanup plan, noise plan, traffic plan, and limited hours 6AM-12AM – If adjacent to commercial zoned properties; require directors review, and 24hr operation allowed

17 Simplify & Standardize Commercial Standards in All Commercial Districts in Altadena Currently many commercial districts are not mentioned in the CSD, for instance Fair Oaks, Allen & New York, etc. Uniform Commercial Standards for all of Altadena – Easier to Understand – Easier to Communicate – Uniform Enforcement – All commercial corridors would benefit equally from the proposed CSD changes

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