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WORK SESSION CH. 38 (Zoning) LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE UPDATE Zoning Division July 29, 2014.

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1 WORK SESSION CH. 38 (Zoning) LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE UPDATE Zoning Division July 29, 2014

2 OVERVIEW  Background  Amendment Categories Significant Minor Language Clarification  Significant changes overview  Minor changes overview  Next Steps

3 BACKGROUND BACKGROUND The Ch.38 (Zoning) land development code update consists of a variety of amendments that provide clarification and consistency in the code. Changes are being requested to the following sections:  Definitions  Use Table  Conditions for Uses  General Site Standards

4 SIGNIFICANT AMENDMENTS SubjectChangeJustification Special Exception Criteria Allow 2 years instead of 1 year for SE to obtain building permits. 1yr is not sufficient for all types of projects. Addresses time for financing and more complex projects ParkingEstablish new parking standards for auto dealerships, assisted living facilities, and mechanical garages Address lack of standards for clarification Concrete Crushing Plants & Similar Uses Require SE in I-1/I-5 district with distance separation. Establish distance separation for I-2/I-3 Based on potential nuisances, limits placement of these types of facilities in proximity to less intense zoning districts

5 SIGNIFICANT AMENDMENTS SubjectChangeJustification Village PD- Neighborhoo d Center Reduces on-site alcohol consumption distance separation from schools and churches to 100 feet, instead of 1000 feet. Consistent with development standards in the Village Center District code. Alcohol Beverage License New location establishments which apply for a license and meet package sales criteria may be issued a licensed on a vacant parcel with proper documentation. This addresses the lack of certainty when someone purchases a property for alcohol sales on a project that has not been constructed Alcohol Beverage License Allows use to be re- established within 6 months if valid license existed Allows for vesting of rights to continue if previous license existed.

6 SIGNIFICANT AMENDMENTS SubjectChangeJustification Car Rental Agencies Allows for car rental services on hotel/motel and timeshare sites, if excess space available Provides criteria to be allowed as an ancillary use if criteria is met. Limited to 10% of required parking. Abandonment of Non- Conforming Uses Allows for non-conforming uses to continue if valid permits were obtained before the limit of abandonment was exceeded Clarifies that start of abandonment of non-conforming uses does not begin if projects are in the process of receiving a building permit or maintained a business license Extending or Enlarging Non- Conforming Uses Allows for such extensions and enlargements if they comply with current regulations. Clarifies that extension of non- conformity if building, structure or use proposed is conforming with current zoning

7 SIGNIFICANT AMENDMENTS SubjectChangeJustification Compatibility of Building Heights in C- 1, C-2 & C-3 Changes height limit to 35 feet when adjacent to residential use compared to when adjacent to residential zone or land use. Takes into consideration the rare situation where the existing use is non-conforming and the SFR is unprotected Compatibility of Building Heights in I- 1/I-5 & I-2/I-3 Changes height limit to 35 feet when adjacent to residential use compared to when adjacent to residential zone or land use. Same as above Food TrucksLimit hours of operation, number of trucks, signage and audio/visual devices Existing standards do no address issues raised by BCC at work session

8 SIGNIFICANT AMENDMENTS SubjectChangeJustification ADU’sRequire Special Exception in Neighborhood Residential District Consistent with how this use is applied in all other districts allowed

9 MINOR AMENDMENTS SubjectJustification FencesProvides definition and requires uniformity of materials. Establishes standards for clear view triangle Model HomesProvides flexibility in use and potential for extensions Night WatchmanDeletes requirement for Special Exception in Industrial Zone Landscape EquipmentClarifies outdoor equipment associated with Agriculture is ok, but not with landscape business GeneratorsReduces side yard setback to 10ft. Instead of 30ft. Residential Screen RoomReduce rear yard in PD’s to 50% of yard instead of 20ft. Townhouse DrivewayDeletes driveway setback Adult/Child Day CareAdd buffer requirement where adjacent to SFR Wind Turbine/Solar Panels (Residential &Commercial) Introduces new standards establishing setbacks, height restriction and screening requirements

10 MINOR AMENDMENTS SubjectJustification Temporary Portable Storage Containers Adding limits on frequency of use to create “downtime” Animal SlaughteringAdding screening requirement to use Auto Service StationAdding buffers adjacent to residential uses Accessory StructuresEstablish side and rear setbacks for covered carports for commercial uses Retention/Detention PondAllowing for retention ponds in R-2 Zoning as Special Exception to support non-residential project Towing w/Service StationAllowing towing at service stations as ancillary use Refuse Solid Waste AreasCreating consistent standards for trash dumpsters in Commercial Districts C-1, C-2 & C-3 and Professional Office ParkingCreates standards to allow parallel parking Street ClassificationsChange road classification definitions consistent with FDOT

11 MINOR AMENDMENTS SubjectJustification Communication antennaClarifies canister type antenna can be used in ROW’s Lot SplitsRequires lot splits to have at least 20ft road frontage unless less restrictive approved by PSP Corner LotEstablishing clear view triangle and visibility for adjacent lots Window TintingCreating land use code Assisted Living Facility Creating land use code Raising of cows, horses, and goats Agricultural board requested clarifications on setbacks for pens, paddocks and areas for enclosures. Also require SE for animals exceeding the 1 per acre standard. PoultrySetbacks for chicken coups/pens Veterinary ServiceClarifies no outdoor runs in the Professional Office Zoning Home Based OccupationLimits use to max. area, clarifies nuisances and limits size of vehicles.

12 LANGUAGE CLARIFICATION Language clarification includes:  Typographical  Correcting references  Clarifies administering division

13 Next Steps  Conduct PZC/LPA Work session  PZC/LPA Public Hearing  Two (2) BCC Public Hearings

14 Action Requested No BCC Action necessary

15 WORK SESSION CH. 38 (Zoning) LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE UPDATE Zoning Division July 29, 2014

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