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THE FAIRHOPE HIGH SCHOOL International Baccalaureate PROGRAMME 2015.

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1 THE FAIRHOPE HIGH SCHOOL International Baccalaureate PROGRAMME 2015

2 THIS PRESENTATION IS DESIGNED TO... Explain the curriculum of the IB Programme Explain the typical 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade schedules Explain the logistics and benefits of being an IB student Explain the application process

3 The Fairhope High School IB Programme FHS Pre-IB Programme (9th-10th) IB Diploma Programme (11th-12th)

4 Ninth Grade Classes Pre-IB English 9 Pre-IB Biology Pre-IB Geometry AP World History Spanish I PE or Band Elective (Algebra I if not taken in 8th grade) Career Prep requirement waived for students in IB Programme

5 Tenth Grade Classes Elective  Health/Driver’s Ed  Art I for IB Art  Band for IB Music  Theatre I for IB Theatre  Sports/Other Pre-IB English 10 Spanish II Algebra II with Trig AP U.S. History Chemistry IB Seminar

6 11 th /12 th IB Programme Courses IB English IB History of the Americas IB Biology or IB Chemistry (chosen at start of 11 th grade year) IB Pre-Calculus/Calculus or IB Math Studies/Statistics (chosen at start of 11 th ) IB Spanish IB 6th Subject (IB Art, IB Music, IB Theatre, or an additional IB science) TOK (Theory of Knowledge) (1 ½ years) Electives

7 Out of class work for: The Extended Essay  4,000 words  Offers the opportunity to investigate a research question of individual interest  Completed over 18 months with help of two supervisors 11 th /12 th IB Programme Courses

8 Out of class work for: CAS (Creativity, Action, Service)  Encourages students to be involved in artistic pursuits, sports and community service  Education outside the classroom  Hours logged in each category

9 Clubs, Organizations, and Getting Involved Sports Archery Band Cheerleading Cross Country/Track Football Golf Sailing Soccer Softball/Baseball Swimming Tennis Volleyball Service Project Outreach Key Club Girls Service Club Interact Club Teen Tutors Environmental Science Club Organizational Student Government Yearbook Staff Newspaper Staff Visions Literary Mag Bowling Ultimate Frisbee Fishing Arts Art Club Film Club Theatre Club Academic Model United Nations Spanish Club Chess Club Scholar’s Bowl Science Olympiad Mu Alpha Theta (Math HS) National Honor Society National Art Honor Society Other Vegan Club Baking Club

10 To earn the IB diploma... Pass all IB courses Complete the TOK paper, “EE” (Extended Essay), and “CAS” (Creativity, Action, and Service) Complete the internal and external assessments Grading scale is 1-7 for each of the six courses’ assessments A minimum of 24 points is required (with some conditions and exceptions) Diploma is awarded to seniors in early July

11 IB vs AP Similar in rigor, college preparedness, college credit International Focus in IB Differ in size of programs Differ in style of end exams IB program in Baldwin County requires students to take rigorous coursework in all subjects

12 Benefits College preparatory education Advanced writing and critical thinking skills Public speaking and interview skills Study habits Leadership qualities Time management Cohort learning environment Personal relationship with teachers Increased ACT and SAT scores Increased performance during college freshman year

13 Postsecondary Benefits College admission increased opportunities for admission into prestigious universities College course credits (varies) Scholarship opportunities Skills aforementioned are utilized in college life Enrollment retention rate increased

14 General Information Avg Senior Class Size23 Avg # of Candidates that Earn the Diploma14 Avg # of points awarded to FHS diploma candidates (45 max)29 Avg # of points awarded to diploma candidates worldwide 29.78 Avg grade by FHS candidates that earned diploma (7 max)4.62 Avg grade by candidates worldwide that earned diploma4.63 **Data from FHS IB Classes from 2010-2014

15 Myths Vs. Truths Transportation provided from out of area Students are involved in a large amount of extra curricular activities Students have friends that are not in IB Students sleep Good grades are possible Teachers are on your side Sports are possible

16 General Information Current # students in Pre-IB (9 th & 10 th ) 81 Current # students in IB (11 th & 12 th ) 29 Current total from out-of-area 35 Avg total from out-of-area (2010-2014) 29

17 General Information Class of 2014 Avg ACT29 Scholarships Offered$3.6 million Classes 2010-2014 Averages Avg ACT29 Avg. Amount of Scholarships Offered $2.77 million

18 Class of 2015 At this point: Average of Highest ACT 32.25


20 IB Application Process Applications available at Due January 30, 2015 Students receive invitations on Friday, February 27, 2015 (Bid Day)

21 StudentsTours ParentsQ & A

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